back to article Race to super-slim Ultrabooks: More ultra-thin hybrid drives on way

WD is developing thin and ultra-thin hybrid hard disk drives for the Ultrabooks market with a likely transition to energy-assisted recording in 2015 – enabling 1TB 2.5-inch disk drive platters. This was revealed through analyst briefings by WD CEO John Coyne and CFO Wolfgang Nickl, and we have Stifel Nicolaus' Aaron Rakers to …


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  1. K
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    In my humble opinion..

    The only way Ultrabooks will take off is by concentrating on decent resolution screens and cost!!

    Let face it, I'd pay £600 for one with a 1080P sceen with 250Gb, but I'm not going to pay that for 720p with 1Tb..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: In my humble opinion..

      It is your humble opinion, equally, some people may say, with a HDMI port I'll hook it up to my TV, but I need the TB of storage for the movies I want to watch. I don't by a latop to sit and watch a film on, some of us don't live in our bedrooms.

      Roundabouts and swings and all that.

      1. K
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        Re: In my humble opinion..

        You raise a valid point.. but if that is your primary purpose, then there are far more cost effective methods than purchasing an Ultrabook, where the idea is they are meant to be ultra portable for people on the go.. But as you say, its roundabouts and swings :)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Someone just doesn't get it, we want more for less not less for more!

    3. mhenriday

      I'm with K (not, I presume, the protagonists of Das Schloss), here -

      to my mind, the greatest problem with laptops in general and so-called ultrabooks in particular (aside from excessive prices for the latter) is poor screen resolution. This also applies, alas, to desktop monitors ; just about everything else in hardware has improved at an amazing rate, save for the screen resolution on affordable monitors. Hope we shall see some progress in this field in the near future !...


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  3. Azzy

    Is storage space really the problem with ultrabooks?

    I thought the problem was the price (people have gotten used to computers being really cheap) and the fact that the big marketing push didn't happen as far as I can tell... Consumer awareness is very low. The crap screens don't help either, but I think Register readers are maybe more picky about that than most of the market.

    I just hope these hybrid drives don't make it hard to find SSD based ultrabooks. Beyond performance, SSDs have the advantage of being nearly indestructible, making them much better suited to an ultraportable that has to endure the rigors of travel.

  4. Alan Firminger

    But it will be all silicon eventually. So what is the time frame ?

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