back to article Telstra aces LTE market

Telstra has nailed first mover advantage in the LTE market, with a new report forecasting that the carrier will reveal it has captured in excess of 500,000 subscribers in its full year results next week. Analysts at Morgan Stanley claim that Telstra will report annualized growth of 900% on LTE growth despite only having 200, …


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  1. EvanPyle

    Back OFF!

    Stay off my 4G!

  2. ChrisInAStrangeLand

    "Telstra’s network advantage" is predominantly a story of a government created regional fiber backhaul and 900mhz spectrum monopoly before it was privatized. Fortunately they've had to let go of some of that 900mhz spectrum. But don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

    1. marky_boi

      Seems to me YOU need to get your facts straight

      No Sir, you need to get your facts straight...

      Telstra 3G network operates on the 850MHz spectrum and the 4G network runs on 1800MHz. Optus use 900MHz.

      When the Government provided funds for additional coverage because of the Estens enquiry, the access was provided for all carriers to use, strangely this was not taken up.

      Soon when analogue TV is switched off the 700 MHz digital dividend will be open at auction to purchase.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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