back to article PwC: 27 percent of Aussies will buy IPTV by 2016

Showing the kind of optimism that only large analyst firms can muster, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has boldly predicted that 27 percent of Australians will have an IPTV service by 2016. Right now, IPTV is very much in its infancy in Australia, with a number of ISPs and carriers offering services but, in terms of the country’s eight …


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  1. Magani
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    More of the same?

    "Australian households have shown fairly scant enthusiasm for Pay TV..."

    Is that possibly due to the crap content that's repeated ad nauseum on the Foxtel monopoly?

    I predict that unless the cost drops significantly and/or the content gets aimed at higher than room temperature IQs, IPTV may well face the same fate.

  2. andro

    depends on the offering

    Well, the current ISP provided options (usually fetch tv) still require long contracts and physical hardware. 50% of people I know, (older family included) have a media player and or pc of some kind attached to their tv.

    Looking at stats which show abc iview is viewed on PCs, I think that misses the point, many (most?) of these 'pc's are really media source for a proper full size TV.

    IP TV will see its day if someone can drop the contracts, make it a monthly service, and one that can be watched via a web browser on a pc. All of sudden you'll be able to have pay services and abc iview side by side on the one device, and you'll be able to sign up to trial it lightly instead of being scared of the contract.

    At this point, it will take off. If that happens before 2016, then I think there will be no trouble hitting that target. The customers are ready but the industry needs to adapt a bit more to close the gap.

  3. bep

    Content is king

    Agreed, I download iView content to my PC and stream it to my TV, also the SBS catch-up service. Unfortunately Foxtel is wedded to the broadcast model and until they allow me choose to watch what I want, when I want, no Foxtel for me regardless of how it is delivered.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    In a nutshell - "PAY - IS - SHIT".

    It's FUCKED.

    It has MORE adds for CRAP, MORE OFTEN, than free to air, and it has MORE adds MORE OFTEN about their own fucking upcoming content on all their own channels.....

    And they demand a premium price for ALL of this fucking shit.

    And it's like 10 minutes of crap bullshit advertisement for every 5 minutes of movie.

    It's not like the morons that sell this shit, run a whole documentary from end to end and then give a 10 minute break for adds - so everyone can go piss and make another cup of tea or whatever....

    It's this dumb fucking corporate moron bullshit of demanding a HIGH PRICE for add saturated and almost non existent content.....

    The very fact that your PAYING for content on a "private network", ought to mean that you get to see it the content, minus all the adds that comes with the free to air channels.

    But Noooo there are so many fucking adds in an add break, and the add breaks are happening so often, it's like my bullshit meter went into overload in the first 10 minutes and I never ever entertained these idiots that sell this crap or the dumb shits that pay to sit there and watch it either....

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