back to article Rackspace wolfs down own OpenStack dog food

Rackspace Hosting, the service provider that helped launch the open source OpenStack cloud controller along with NASA's Ames Research Center two years ago, has finally become its own OpenStack Fanatic. Rackspace has now gone live with the Nova compute cloud controller and other elements of OpenStack behind its production Cloud …


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  1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Aside from being an obvious advertorial... just how many flipping buzzwords and limited scope product names* are needed here? It makes it much harder to read than necessary.

    * as in known only to a few in a tiny part of the industry

  2. Sloppy Crapmonster

    Price cut?

    "First, the old entry server configuration – which had only 256MB of virtual memory and 10GB of disk and which cost 1.5 cents per hour – has joined the choir eternal. Engates says that it didn't run Windows and didn't really have enough oomph to run Linux very well, either. The new low point is a 512MB virtual server with 20GB of disk, which has had a price cut from 3 cents per hour down to 2.2 cents per hour (that's a 27 per cent price cut)."

    No, that's the entry level server getting a 50% price hike.

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