back to article Nokia shutters Qt Brisbane office

Australian Qt developers are the latest to feel the bite of Nokia’s decline, with the Finnish company deciding to shutter the operation’s Brisbane outpost. Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Nokia acquired Qt developer Trolltech in 2008. The decision became public via an employee’s post on the Qt mailing …


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  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Not necessarily the end

    >The ongoing financial basis of Qt will depend on the efforts of Digia....

    Most of the Qt work at Nokia has been about putting Qt onto phones and QML.

    It's nice, but as the market has decided, if your phone isn't running iOS or Android it doesn't matter.

    Qt on the desktop is much more survivable as a community project.

  2. Christopher Michaelis


    I for one never liked QML. QT on the desktop is rock solid, though, and I still plan to use it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The office itself, perhaps, is being closed because of Brisbane being a backwater, its location being a very expensive flight to the US and Europe (the so called "arse end of the world"), and the high value of the Australian dollar, rendering the 50 or so gullible developers surplus to requirements for any prospective buyer.

    1. Charles Manning


      Backwater shmackwater... If it has roads, an airport and internet it really doesn't need much else.

      Brisbane is a compelling location for junket visits. Get your flights paid for by the company and tack on a week of leave to visit the Great Barrier Reef etc.

      Microsoft had a dev office in the general location too. Dunno if they still do.

      The high value of the AUD is certainly going to be a factor given the need to sharpen the corporate pencil and focus on "core competence" (or "core incompetence" if you see it that way).

      1. kruddy

        Re: OTOH

        Sounds like someone who believes the propaganda.

  4. etabeta

    Elop killing Nokia

    Looks like M$ sent their hit-man Elop to slowly kill Nokia, only to buy out the whole outfit when the price is way down.

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