back to article Isaacson fights outing of heart-to-heart chats with Steve Jobs

Biographer Walter Isaacson is fighting a subpoena to unlock his unpublished interviews with Steve Jobs in the Apple ebook price-fixing case. When Apple moved into ebooks, it negotiated an agency model with publishers – not in itself illegal – where the publishers set the price and Apple took a 30 per cent cut. The plaintiffs …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looking for a case

    It sounds to me as if the DoJ has resorted to muck-raking in a desperate attempt to find a convincing case. You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when you descend to trawling through a biographer's notes for dirt.

    1. Lord Voldemortgage

      "Mr Isaacson conducted numerous interviews during the time Mr Jobs was involved in negotiating Apple's entry into the eBook market. And Mr Jobs discussed Apple's eBook strategy and negotiations with Mr Isaacson,"

      I guess if that's the case then this might be a relevant line of enquiry - seems plausible that one might be less guarded with a biographer whose end product you will get to censor as you wish, than you would be with more public utterances.

    2. Steve Todd

      Re: Looking for a case

      This isn't the DOJ, it's a private Class Action suit. It does have all the hallmarks of desperation and fishing though.

  2. g e

    Hey Walter

    Nothing to fear, nothing to hide, mate.

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