back to article HTC leaves South Korea to Samsung, LG et al

Mobile device biz HTC has abandoned its operations from Samsung’s home market of South Korea, in yet another blow to the beleaguered Taiwanese handset giant. The firm announced in a widely reported statement that the move was being made to “streamline operations”. "This is a hard decision that has direct impact on people who …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Their problem is that they have not produced the must have item......

    Samsung and Apple have hit the nail on the head with their products, HTC keep hitting their thumb.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In the "smartphone" bracket I've switched back and forth between iPhones and Samsungs... however, the HTC One X I have now is by far the best device I have experienced. I'm sure the only reason HTC are having a hard time is because they haven't had the cash or contacts to buy the media adulation necessary to whip the masses into a buying frenzy.

    1. Rameses Niblick the Third (KKWWMT) Silver badge

      Re: Disagree

      Agreed, I've looked at the iPhone 4S, the S3 and other feature phones from manufacturers, and the One X is the one which appeals most. It may be familiarity as I already have a Desire HD, but come upgrade time, I know what I will be getting. The phone feels nicer, and white on it's screen is actually white, rather than blue as it appears to be on the Samsung.

      Such a shame that they don't have the cash for a big marketing run.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Disagree

      Yeah. I've had a Desire and a One X and they're both great. It's a pity HTC are F'd in the A because their phones are nicer than Samsung's.

    3. joejack

      Re: Disagree

      I love my Sensation, when it works. Glad I have it on warranty, bc I've had to replace it twice within a year. Both died with no obvious provocation.

      The One X looks nice; no removable memory seems fine with 32GB, except consider that if the phone gets bricked, none of your data is recoverable. By you, anyway. Given my history with the Sensation, I think no removable memory is a dealbreaker.

  3. localzuk

    Why do people love Samsung so much?

    Their phones aren't that good - they're nowhere near as well built as HTCs, and the interface (IMO) isn't as good either.

    Why is it everyone screams for their stuff? Its gotta be down to their marketing.

    Me? I have a Desire HD, and when its due for replacement in a few months, I'll be looking at another HTC.

    1. Mark .

      Re: Why do people love Samsung so much?

      Whilst I love my Samsung, I agree it is odd - I don't see anything bad about HTC. Even within Samsung's offering, it's amazing how different models get wildly different sales - e.g., the Samsung Galaxy Nexus didn't sell anywhere near much as the Samsung S2, despite the Nexus being newer and better hardware, which wasn't overtaken until the S3 was released. Either people really love Samsung's TouchWiz version of Android, or there is something about marketing.

      It's not necessarily about media hype - the obvious counter examples being Apple and Nokia. Nokia were the number one company, now number two to Samsung, with their Symbian alone being the number one platform until 2011 (and it still after that outsold Apple until the WP switchover), yet Nokia got either little coverage, or when they did, it was hate spin from the media. Apple meanwhile have got vast amounts of hype since before the first IPhone was release, yet it's never been the number one platform, and it wasn't until 2011 that they managed sales anywhere near comparable to the mainstream players - in the early years, sales were abysmal, worse than Windows Mobile/Phone. And more recently, their sales have now been sliding by millions every quarter, despite the media hype continuing for Apple. Marketing is important I think, but thankfully people seem sick of the endless hyping of only certain companies by the media.

      I'm glad that Android dominates - though I worry a risk if Samsung end up basically being the only notable Android manufacturer around. With Motorola and now HTC, Android doesn't seem to have been so great after all for most manufacturers (and Nokia's decision not to switch to Android doesn't look so mad after all).

  4. dssf

    why the craze.over Samsung?

    Many domestic models have an antenna, enabling locals to watch drama off the air. That might change, though, when ota goes away circa December. Plus, despite Jobs once saying the iphone was the biggest phone anyone would need, he should be alive to see petite girls holding giant Samsungs against their heads, not using wired or Bluetooth receivers in the ear. How many supersized HTC models are in the korean market?

  5. David Lawrence

    Goodbye HTC....

    ...our love affair ended when you produced the 'Flyer' as your dreadful entry into the tablet market.

    I still see them for sale in certain outlets (Staples for one) for stupidly high prices and there's just no way Joe Pub will buy one when you see what is also on offer ..... including the new Google tablet, which I spotted in PC World over the weekend. Couldn't get near it because of the queue of people waiting for their turn to try it......

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I liked HTC

    Then they dropped their line with physical keyboards (Desire Z)

    Then they dropped their scrolling button in favour of a Facebook button.

    They are dropping down my list next time I renew.

  7. Daleos

    I wouldn't exactly call it a 'blow'. They never did well there anyway so it's not as though they've lost much. The South Koreans are a pretty patriotic bunch and it takes a lot for any foreign country to beat them in local markets if they have a roughly equivalent product of their own.

  8. Ramiro

    HTC leaving Brazil?

    Since when were they ever here? I never saw a top of line HTC being offered by a reputable store (local e-bay doesn't count). Samsung releases newer models pretty much simultaneously with the rest of the world, Sony and Motorola not that far behind.

    If they were officialy in Brazi in the smartphone market, they were really quiet about it.

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