back to article South Korean crackers arrested

South Korean police say they have arrested two malicious hackers that obtained personal details of 8.7 million KT mobile customers and on-selling the data to telemarketing firms. The police accuse the pair of earning one billion won, which sounds a lot more than the roughly $US800,000 it converts to, in the scam. The data …


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  1. QMuzikDirektor
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    Faith and begorrah. Thank you for naming them wot they is: crackers, as opposed to hackers.

    Well, in the headline, at least.

    But it's a start.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      We will reform the media industry one line at a time. :-)

      Good to see El Reg is making a start on correcting their reporting of cracking incidents.


    "KT detected signs of intrusion on their networks"

    Was this a clue? Or are KT admitting to something else?

    "Further to the announcement on 30 March 2009, Phorm, the interest-based advertising technology company, is pleased to confirm that it yesterday commenced its market trial with leading Korean internet service provider (ISP) KT."

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