back to article Ten monster tellies to suit all budgets

If you’re gearing up for the London Games, a gargantuan new TV should be top of your shopping list. The good news is that there’s plenty of choice if you want to go large, with prices to suit most pockets: our Top Ten kicks off at a modest £480, before reaching a wallet-busting £7,000. The cheaper end of the market has become a …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    Gratuitous Limp Bics reference

    Umm. Aren't you a bit late telling us this?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I ordered one of the sony's last week, and it should arrive Monday. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not too bothered about its media streaming, as I have a separate media player for that.

    I'd like to make it absolutely clear that it's nothing to do with the Olympics though! Except maybe the beach volleyball.

  3. GettinSadda


    "This flagship 55in LED LCD brings both voice and motion control to television for the first time, in addition to all the other techno-gubbins you’d expect from a high-end set. "

    So how long after Apple launch their iTV before the patent spats start?

  4. Mike Flex

    "audio performance that’s flatter than a whippet racer’s hat."

    Thin panel TVs don't have enough internal capacity to act as a decent speaker cabinet so the bass disappears. This is more marked with LED backlighting than CCFL.

    If you go for external speakers to get round this, check that your solution will lipsync correctly. (My all-Sony setup can't do this on freeview, though it's fine on DVD/blu-ray.)

  5. Richard 81

    "all budgets"

    My arse.

    1. Greg 16

      Re: "all budgets"

      £600 for a 'monster tellie' isn't bad.

      If you're really skint go second hand - Recently I picked up a high spec almost new 50" Panasonic for £375 and my HTPC gives me all the 'Smart' I need.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Thanks to economies of scale, 1024 x 768 resolution PDPs are monopolising the low cost big-screen brigade"

    1024 x 768 is not HD, it's not even widescreen!

    1. Joseph Lord

      @ac Might be widescreen

      > 1024 x 768 is not HD, it's not even widescreen!

      Depends what shape the pixels are! Non square pixels are possible and used to be done but I thought everyone had gone 1368 x 768 these days.

  7. Arnie
    Thumb Up


    I've just been through the whole new tv hunt. I'm surpised at all the 1024x768 sets especially in curry's et al. Was also dubious about such a low resolution and sky's less than HD 3d transmissions.

    Finally settled for a Panny TX-P42UT50B for £499. It came today. Full 1080p, the 3d is very good. overall very impressed.

  8. Sporkinum

    Buy used

    People are so wrapped up in having the latest and greatest, you can get older tech for cheap. I just bought a 52" Mitsubishi DLP for $100. It's 6 years old, but only has 2000 hours on a 6000 hour bulb. Sure, it's a bit bigger, but you would only know that if you looked behind it. I have it hooked up to a PC so I can watch anything with it. Normally I have it at 1280x720p, but it will do 1920x1080i and doesn't look to bad at that higher res. I just replaced a 10 year old 60" non HD Philips that I got for free. I had to throw in $25 of coupling fluid, and 3 hours of my time to get it working like new. We used that TV for 2 years until I found the Mitsubishi.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    I feel spoilt

    AUD 700 is 466 quid as I type this - 50 inch, 3D, full HD, 100/120 Hz -

    I think given the size of the UK market, the UK must have some greedy TV salesmen.

    1. Greg 16

      Re: I feel spoilt

      For a no brand TV, I've seen similar spec for around £500 in the UK, so you're not saving much.

  10. Trollslayer
    Thumb Down


    1. 1024x768? as arnie said, you can get a Full HD Panny for £500.

    2 65VT50 for £3k? Only if you import one from Germany - the shopping link you give show £3,909!

  11. John H Woods

    How about TVs vs projector review?

    You can get a very decent 100" projector setup (including a decent screen) for under a grand. Some of the new ones have fairly bright pictures, and a side by side comparison with TVs might be useful.

    To me, over 2k pounds is clearly into home cinema territory - the only way I would have a TV of this value is if I won one in a competition. YMMV, of course, but I'm a projector enthusiast so even if I just had 500 to spend on a new "telly" I'd get a projector.

  12. MJI Silver badge

    Lots of sub HD panels

    They still make them!!!!

    With HD TV at 1440x1080i and most BD at 1920x1080p it seems silly to restrict these TVs, upscale SDTV, downscale HDTV, BluRay, and almost everything else, suitable for some games I suppose.

    My TV upscales 1440x1080 to 1920x1080 fine

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lots of sub HD panels

      HD TV is broadcast at 1920x1080, except for the BBC HD channels which are at the lower 1440x1080. Interestingly the BBC broadcast their HD channels to the rest of Europe at the full HD resolution of 1920x1080 and at a much higher bit rate than in the UK. Presumably this is to free up space on satellite and freeview for the legion of shite channels that they also broadcast. Virgin media in the uk have the BBC HD channel at full res and decent bit rate, again presumably because there isn't the same bandwidth restrictions via cable.

  13. SpaMster

    Where the hell did you get these prices from?!?

  14. Dick Emery


    The Sony tends to get crap reviews if you Google it. The VT50 range from Panny however scores top marks. Go figure.

    1. Greg 16

      Re: Sony?

      I've not seen the Sony, but the Panasonic thoroughly deserves it's great reviews.

  15. defiler
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    Just went shopping last week

    Picked up an LG 50PM670T - 50" 1920x1080 plasma. It'll do online (wired ethernet), 3d (glasses not included), Freeview, and has 4x HDMI ports.

    Picture: Crap out-the-box. Needs all the "enhancement" stuff turned off, and then it's absolutely great. Really nice image.

    Sound: Flat and quiet. I'd heard this about this screen before, but it all goes through my AV amp and Kefs anyway, so I wasn't bothered. Lip-sync has been a bit of a laugh, but I think I've got it all tuned out now.

    Would I recommend one? Yes, if you have a separate audio output.

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