back to article World's biggest distie Ingram admits it can't keep up growth in UK

Ingram Micro reckons the double-digit sales growth it filed for the UK and Germany in Q2 – helping soften the top line declines across Europe – is not sustainable. The world's largest IT distributor reported group numbers last night, with sales flat globally at $8.78bn and profit up 2.5 per cent to $61.2m. "It continues to be …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    Money is waiting

    If they stock crap, I won't buy it.

    I am waiting for a laptop with screen resolution >>1080p, and decent speakers. I want an SSD, not a hard disk. And is it too much to ask that I can just slip a SIM card in and be on line?

    Oh, and I want it without Windows too. Even if I am going to put W7 on it, it will doubtless come with a playschool version, and I don't want to pay Gates twice.

    1. lurker

      Re: Money is waiting

      I think you're confusing Ingram with a retailer of some kind. They are distributors, and as such they won't touch actual customers with a twelve foot bargepole and will not be taking your insignificant sums of end-user money under any circumstances.

      Even if they were retailers, some of your complaining seems to be more relevant to manufacturers - retailers can't sell laptops with >>1080p displays if manufacturers can't sell them.

      In general you seem to be confused, and are conflating the whole manufacturing / distribution / retail chain into one amorphous entity against which you can rage blindly and ignorantly.

      1. Robert E A Harvey

        Re: Money is waiting

        OK, I was assuming that retailers get the stock from somewhere.

      2. Charles Pearmain

        Re: Money is waiting

        OK, as a Reseller, let me carry the torch of rage.

        Ingram have proved to us time and time again that they have little regard for their customers, are happy to treat 'Next Day delivery' as an entirely abstract concept and to give not the tiniest speck of faeces about how this affects their clients' businesses. I mean they use PARCELFORCE - the company whose drivers can't find their arses with both hands let alone an address outside the M25 - for their deliveries FFS.

        After a relationship stretching back over a decade they have gone from our biggest supplier to the Distie of absolute last resort. Occasionally an urgent requirement tempts us to use them but 50% of those orders they manage to deliver late or cock it up somehow.

        No wonder this flaccid outfit can't keep it up. The growth I mean.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Flat in this economy is good

    Unfortunately things are going to get worse for most businesses with the world wide economic depression that shows no signs of ending for years to come. It's amazing what the loss of 100 million jobs can do to discretionary spending.

  4. The Godfather

    Helmets on....

    Big four players that see lifts in quarterly or annual revenues do so at the expense of others or as a direct result of continued acquisitions, routes they are obliged to follow to sate the demand of institutional investors and to retain share price and market capitalization. Interesting to see the movement in Ingram's share price recently and recent outlook downgrade by Fitch. Operating margins are just too thin right now in broadline distribution and are likely to get thinner.

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