back to article PlayStation burnout probe: It's not the Vita, it's YOU, says Sony

A Japanese safety firm is investigating various complaints of overheating in Sony's PlayStation Vita console, a known issue that Sony maintains stems from user error. Independent Japanese body - the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation - has launched an investigation into the Vita's safety after dozens of gamers …


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  1. Thomas 18
    Thumb Down

    "Sony will replace the system for a fee"

    Ha ha is the fee the RRP of a PS vita?

    1. Miek

      Re: "Sony will replace the system for a fee"

      Divide it by two, much like the PS3 replacement scheme. You get a minimum spec replacement for £130 when yours is out of warranty.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "Sony will replace the system for a fee"

      Reminds me of teh 360 RROD issue.

      Entirely user error nothing to do with shoddy manufacturing.

      *one year and a class action lawsuit later*

      Oh uhm, looks like it was manufacturing error, but not us no it was them chinese fellers. Totally not our fault but I guess we'll be nice and replace it anyway.

      1. Andy Fletcher

        Re: "Sony will replace the system for a fee"

        "it was them chinese fellers" - I think you can probably push that a bit further:

        "it was them chinese fellers who told us they could make decent quality units for $90, who we then told we'd pay no more than $60"

  2. icedfusion

    and sony wonder why...

    nobody buys their products anymore.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Watch out, Sony!

    Sony: "It's not our fault, uhhhhh, you're holding it wrong!"


    Sony: "Hello?"

    Process server: "You're served. Apple is suing you for IPR infringement."

    (seriously: If getting gunk on the contacts can burn it up, somebody needs to lose their EE degree.)

    1. asdf

      Re: Watch out, Sony!

      The difference is Apple can get away with said douche baggery due to their bling cult status. Demand for Sony products on the other hand is about on par with Sharp. Even Samsung is cooler than Sony now.

  4. Joerg
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    Sony managers are on crack. Too much drugs

    At Sony managers are on crack.

    They have no clue what they are doing anymore.

    Too much drugs burnt their brains. It's so clear.

    1. LinkOfHyrule

      Re: Sony managers are on crack. Too much drugs

      I'm sorry dude but comments like that are totally stupid and offensive!!!

      Everyone knows its crystal meth they're on!

  5. Miek

    "when the PS Vita or multi-use terminal on its USB cable have foreign matter or liquids on them and are connected for charging, etc, a partial short that leads to the terminal burning out can occur" -- That's what short protection circuits are for.

    1. Paul 129

      Now that you mention it

      Isn't that part of the USB spec?

  6. DAN*tastik

    The customer is always wrong?

    - It does work, it's you holding it wrong

    - It does work, it's you doing something wrong to it

    - Our phones are great, the problem is that people in Italy, Spain and Belgium ( or something similar ) not buying them

    - We didn't reach the target because some of our customers are waiting for the new version of our product to hit the shelves

    Is the next strategy for big companies to start suing those who buy their products, claiming that the negative feebacks on Twitter or Amazon are only because they can't use something properly?

    And then suing those who don't buy their products, because they interfere with their targets?

    If anyone knows a good lawyer ( or solicitor, attorney or barrister or whatever, I never get it right ), put their contact details on here in case we all end up in courts.

    1. wowfood

      Re: The customer is always wrong?

      We're already seeing something like that with metro.

      "You don't like it? Obviously you haven't tried it propperly"

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Ah yes...

    ...just like the laptops that had a tightening spring on one side. Eventually the tension would be so high that the screen would crack from the corner when it was opened; and that was supposed to be user error as well.

  8. LinkOfHyrule

    Foxconn should have designed the thing to be more sweat resistant - these gaming devices need to be able to cope with "gamers thumb" as the British Medical Journal calls it - textbook error guys!

  9. Jordan Davenport

    If this isn't a problem specific to the Vita...

    ...then why aren't these problems happening with every other mobile device on the market?

    For the record, I hadn't previously heard of the problem myself, given I know absolutely no one who owns or wants a Vita.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: If this isn't a problem specific to the Vita...

      I actually like my Vita. I just wish there were more decent games for it.

      1. asdf

        Re: If this isn't a problem specific to the Vita...

        OMG a vita owner wow!! You sir are a rare breed. Almost as rare a breed as a WP7 owner.

  10. Katie Saucey

    Is Sony infringing ...

    ..on the apple customer service playbook? "I see, your devices is in flames? Well sir, you must be holding it wrong!"

  11. kain preacher


    Isn't Sony really saying you are stupid shut up and go away?

    1. Goes to 11

      Re: So


      Now shut up and go away.



  12. asdf


    Lets all take a minute and salute the Vita for doing something it doesn't always do and that is selling more units worldwide last week than the PSP. Total sales to date for the Velveeta is now 2.5 million. Fail.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

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