back to article LG, Samsung, Sony: Smutty Smart TV apps turn us off

The adult entertainment industry is having a hard time convincing a number of TV manufacturers to cut it some slack. LG, Samsung and Sony, to name a few, have all steered clear of implementing filthy Smart TV apps and wish to keep their respective hands clean for now. It's not all bad news though, the less prudish of the panel …


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  1. Big_Ted

    Why bother

    Just connect your PC to your TV and you can stream anything you want, be it live stream or downloaded content.

    Thats porn or non porn

    Just saying..................

  2. Joseph Lord
    Paris Hilton

    Sony has DMM.TV in Japan

    From what I understand it has some interesting 'lifestyle' content...

    I suspect the person quoted just hasn't them offered sufficiently good commercial terms yet!

  3. Ian Ferguson


    I've got a million ways to get porn. I'm more annoyed by the lack of 4oD on my LG smart TV.

    1. Roger Kynaston Silver badge

      Re: LG

      4oD is crap. Not channel 4 though they have a lot to live down with BB (middle class wine drinking R4 listener here). AFAICT it is an IE only based thing so unavailable on anything that doesn't come from the beast of Redmond.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: LG

        "AFAICT it is an IE only based thing so unavailable on anything that doesn't come from the beast of Redmond." Sure, that's why my PS3 has 4od as do other streaming devices then? BB is C5 now and 4od has plenty of good stuff from C4 and E4!

  4. squilookle

    Restrictions on the apps that can be installed - probably in an even less consistent manner than the iDevices, (whatever you think of that) - yet another reason to avoid smart TVs and put a box of your choice underneath a dumb TV with good build quality, good panel and plenty of HDMI ports.

    1. Lee Dowling

      Exactly what I've done. It took me until this month before I was willing to let my old 4:3 CRT go. Bought a "dumb" 32 inch TV, bought some right-angle adaptors and appropriate cables, run everything off other boxes instead.

      I don't WANT another computer to manage. This was my reason to avoid smartphones until Android matured enough for me to consider it worthy, avoiding fancy TV's, etc. I just want the TV to turn on, switch between inputs, change volume, and then turn off again. It's a display device, nothing more.

      I suppose the restrictions are more along the lines of fearing that the headline "malware infects thousands of smart TV's, pushes porn to kids" might appear. Or even just your personal viewing habits being revealed by someone who touches a button on your TV. A TV is more a communal device than something like a smartphone and could cause a lot more trouble.

      A TV is just a display device. If it's not, then it's not a TV, it's a computer. Thus, purchase and operate accordingly.

      You'll pry my multi-port SCART/composite switch-box and aerial-in from my cold, dead hands. But apps on a TV? Sure way to get me to not buy your TV. I did a quick survey the other day and found I have at least five ways to watch BBC iPlayer on my TV via various devices. I really don't think I need another, and that's about the only legitimate use for an app on a TV I can honestly imagine ever using.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        "A TV is just a display device. If it's not, then it's not a TV, it's a computer."

        What about the sound then? And the fact that there are chips in your "dumb" TV converting the compressed data in the digital signal from its MPEG format to an image on an LCD matrix? Isn't that computation? What about the firmware that allows you to configure the TV and runs all sorts of clever sound and image processing options from the menus? A smart TV is just an extended featureset in the firmware of your dumb tv so why place such an arbitrary line on it?

        1. Lee Dowling

          And my previous TV was also a radio receptor, edge-detector, integrated teletext and subtitles decoder, decoded sound into multiple-channels, set its time by the teletext signal, etc. etc. etc.

          Your argument into absurdity is what's necessary to display a signal given to it and show that content reasonably conveniently, the same way that SCART has quite a complex protocol to turn on devices and set them recording, inform TVs of widescreen vs 4:3, selects from composite or RGB source, etc. even if no-one is aware of it. By the same argument, no laptop screen or monitor or even an LED display ever made has been "just" a display device either (they do just the same kinds of decoding, especially with HDMI / DVI) - you're just being petty.

          They are inherent features of the device to display the content thrown at it over a certain cable. An app is not. That's a utility that GENERATES content. I don't need content generators. I have a multitude of them, and have done for decades. I need only a content DISPLAY. In fact, the dumber the display, the better because even things like HDCP can cause nightmares.

          The sound, fair enough, but that's just a pedantic argument against the TV "only" being display. Technically, my TV does not need speakers at all, correct, but there's a difference between being a device that GENERATES sound and one that plays it. Again, this TV only plays what I throw at it and nothing more.

          The TV is a presentation device. It does not need to generate or interact with my content. The content generation can happen on any number of other devices and my TV should not be aware of how the generation occurred. It should just play the damn thing I tell it to.

          And, actually, with a Freeview / cable / Sky / Freesat box, the TV does not need to be aware of MPEG at all, in any fashion, whatsoever. Again, the Freeview box is the content generator, the TV is just a display device. And, in terms of image / sound processing, you've again hit the nail on the head. I don't want it to do all that, thanks. My content generators output perfectly valid images, I just want it to display them. The first thing I did was turn off all kinds of "black enhancement", "film mode", "game mode", "fake surround sound", "vocal volume enhancement" etc. tweaks that it's capable of - to be honest, because I hate the TV *trying* to compensate and making things look worse, or I couldn't tell the difference. A dark scene is a dark scene for a reason. If my content has quiet voices, no amount of tweaking will make them reliably louder than the background music. If I have only two speakers in a living room that it has no idea of the layout of, and I'm not an audiophile, surround sound from the 2 TV speakers is a waste of time.

          By comparison, a "smarter" TV wants to connect to the Internet (and thus steal bandwidth from things it should not take priority over). It wants to run apps. It wants to do things in the background. It wants to reboot to update its firmware. It wants to have things popping up over my TV. It wants me to use an overly complex EPG. It wants me to configure a wireless network. It wants to allow people to use Bluetooth / Wifi remotes. It wants to record me on camera so I can change channel with a gesture, or "login" via a face. It wants to listen to my living room for voice commands. It wants to run yet another version of Skype that I need to keep updated if I do connect to the Internet and which I have to turn off when I don't want to be disturbed. It wants to pull in my Facebook updates and show them to me over my content. It wants me to navigate endless menus and desktops to negotiate on those features.

          These are all things that I have to work out how to switch off and brings me back to the original point - I already have plenty of content generators, plenty of complete general-purpose COMPUTERS to manage. I don't want ***another*** sitting in my living room standing between me and my content being shown. I just want it to do EXACTLY and ONLY what's it's told. Here's a cable. I've pressed "Source" to change to that cable. Now show me what's being played down that cable and then get everything else out of my way. I honestly have stowed the TV remote in a drawer. The Virgin Media remote that I use in its stead only knows five commands it can send to the TV (and thus only five things the TV *EVER* has to act upon): Power, Volume Up, Volume Down, Change Source and Mute. Which is exactly how it should be.

      2. Tom_


        "Bought a "dumb" 32 inch TV, bought some right-angle adaptors and appropriate cables, run everything off other boxes instead.

        I don't WANT another computer to manage."

        Why did you buy one then? You could have just got a Smart TV and not had to manage the computer you've stuck under your 'dumb' one.

  5. John A Blackley

    A bit of provocation?

    Oooooh! Nasty tv manufacturers for not selling their idiot boxes pre-loaded with 'She'll be coming......'!

    And if they did?

    I can already feel El Reg's glee when making up the headline.

  6. Syed

    I only got as far as...

    "The adult entertainment industry is having a hard time..."

  7. Manolo
    Paris Hilton

    Video 2000

    "Philips recently revealed apps from Hustler and Private. You can always trust the Dutch to be open-minded, eh?"

    Uhmm... Not always. One of the reasons Philips' technically superior Video 2000 video format did not win was the fact that Philips would not allow porn mongers to bring out their films on Video 2000.

    I guess they don't want to miss the boat this time.

    (Funny, the Dutch Wikipedia article on Video 2000 mentions this, but the English version doesn't)

    Paris, because.... well, obvious.

    1. Joseph Lord

      Re: Video 2000

      Don't forget Philips TVs aren't actually Philips anymore. It is at last 70% TP Vision.

      So I doubt they actually have a say any more.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Only me!

    Come on.......

    Did you really write "coming to Toshiba tellies soon" in your article.....but I do think that does say it all

    <<<< Have to use this icon...less smutty than Paris

  10. ukgnome

    I thought that Robson Jerome chap did a show on channel 5 about prawn

    <--- the one that smells of fish

  11. CJatCTi

    Sony lost Betamax vs VHS due to porn

    Apparently Sony wouldn't let the Porn studios have Betamax kit so it was all shot in VHS, but with Bluray vs HD-DVD they made sure the Porn makers got the kit.

    So when they see it makes a difference on the bottom line, they aren't so prudish

  12. raybabyray

    Porno money

    LG seems to be the only one responsible enough to keep its content clean. Samsung itself still promotes an ad campaign that uses women as sexual object to lure men into their den. And that statement "unable to comment," God, so typical of corporate money making scheme off dirty industries! I'll be buying an LG Smart TV instead then. Wouldn't want my kids to download filthy ads that clog the screen.

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