back to article Anonymous hit Melbourne IT to find AAPT documents

Anonymous says it will shortly release a sample of material it has obtained from Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP) AAPT. In a chat room this morning, the group linked to AAPT's Wikipedia page, making that ISP the likely target. The group has also insisted, on Twitter, that the leak is not fake and that the ISP …


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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Anon & El Reg

      That explains the high level of stupidity in the comments and reporting.

  2. R 16


    sorry anon. boring same old same old. I know you are lowly funded but lets take over TV and really educate some people. you are becoming rush limbah. lots of talk to very few people.

    and just like rush. you doing nothing but wasting time.

    in fact, stop worrying about the internet and focus on the governments and help people regain control of them.

    then you can say your doing something. right now your only midly entertaining the security industry workers.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: boring

      As a citizen of the UK, I only know who Rush Limbah is because of Family Guy. I take it he's pretty big over the pond though?

  3. Homer 1

    re: "lets take over TV"

    We already have. It's called "the Internet".

    "TVs"? Pfft. Aren't they those non-interactive thingies that show corporate propaganda "news", "reality" junk and comic-book-adaptation movies (sic), for American Consumers® with the mental age of a foetus? Yes, I vaguely remember those.

    And yes, I suppose brutally humiliating "security" industry workers is mildly entertaining. It's also highly productive, as it forces them to admit their incompetence, apathy and general contempt for Consumers'® private data, then forces them to take it seriously and do something about it. It also blows a massive hole in the pockets of the gangster corporations who corrupt the democratic process and treat Consumers® like their personal slaves.

    That's certainly more productive, and far more entertaining, than preaching to the few remaining cabbages who still watch TV, assuming there were any way for non-corporates to do so, which there isn't.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who Believes Anything on The Internet?

    I feel sorry for you Homer 1 if you believe any of the childish drivel that fills huge swaths of the Internet. While TV may not be perfect and with the upcoming boredom fest in London has become even worse, the alternative for most people is not likely to be the internet

    For the greater part of time those who make, or at best try to make policy and 'laws' have less than no awareness of the rabid ramblings of the Internet lovers. So far as Anon members are recognised they are seen as being so largely childish as to make the foetus of your message look like a candidate for Mensa's super club.

    Huge numbers of people almost certainly see organised crime as being endemic on the internet with stupid showers like Anon with Wikileaks and its ego maniac 'leader' typifying the lawless nature of too much activity. Add to these 'highlights' the tsunami of fraud spam e-mails and fishing telephone calls and it is game set and match to those who offer any talk of relief. Anon and other silly baby noises off are often seen as more evidence of the problem and never part of any possible solution.

    The main suffers from data pillagers are not your so called 'gangster corporations' but the ordinary Joes who have to sort out the mess made of their personal financial affairs.

    However, please feel free to dream on, while various real hucksters bleed real consumers dry via their real world fraudulent activities - many of which rely not on 'high tech' internet, but good old bad old post, telephone and door knocker crimes.

    1. Homer 1

      Re: Who Believes Anything on The Internet?

      May I be the first to welcome you to the 21st century.

      "The latest statistics from Experian Hitwise have revealed that the UK internet population spent 3.4 billion hours online during August 2011 and use of social media sites (Twitter, Facebook etc.) turned out to be the single most popular activity (i.e. 800 million hours in August)."

      As for what I "believe" ... I'd sooner believe ordinary Netizens than criminal media cartels with right-wing extremist agendas, any day, especially those who strive to expose that sort of corruption, like Wikileaks. I certainly don't think exposing collateral murder and government corruption qualifies the exposers as a "stupid shower", any more than exposing online insecurity and corporate corruption, but then I'm neither a right-wing extremist nor a senile cabbage who drools in front of the TV, so I probably have a rather different perspective.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "embarrass the Australian government...LOL

    The Australian government is the embarrassment.......biggest bunch of losers, ever

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A need to be heard?

    Anonymous members must have a very strong desire to be heard from their prison cells.

  7. R 16

    @ homer and bits of others.

    You have to remember that most people don't live online like hard core internet junkies. There is another type of people and they don't even read or have heard of anon. When they are told of them they forget about them as easily as they heard it.

    In order for anyone to do anything worth while. You have to think big. If you are on the news and newspapers....... your anonymous.

  8. R 16


    if you are not in the news and newspapers...... you're anonymous.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you're that "Anonymous"...

    ...then you're going to prison where you won't be "Anonymous" for long. Happy trails.

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