back to article Cisco to axe 1,300 (more) employees worldwide

Networking megacorp and server wannabe Cisco Systems plans to lay off 1,300 workers – about 2 per cent of its global workforce. The company did not immediately respond to our request for comment, but MarketWatch reports that head spokeswoman Karen Tillman downplayed the importance of the move in an emailed statement. "We …


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  1. asdf
    Thumb Up

    good job

    >A month after that announcement, the cuts reached the executive suite, with nearly one in five of its top execs taking the fall.

    Wow that is how you really save money and "drive simplicity, speed of decisions and agility". Too bad too few companies realize layoffs should almost always start at the top and filter down.

  2. admiraljkb

    Yep. Too mgt heavy and beauracratically bound

    The current layer after layer after layer of management means no decisions can be made at all, much less quickly... A layoff of 1200 managers would do a LOT for "driving simplicity, speed of decisions, and agility" . Please reduce the sheer beauracracy which is stifling most any innovation. The talent is there, it just needs less "help" from above and turned loose again.

  3. Joe S

    Server wannabe? Who writes this crud?

    Cisco is #3 in servers now and is aiming at that #2 spot and then #1

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Number three specifically in blade form factor servers, not the overall server market.... They would not sell any servers if the servers were not attached to their switches, so I think networking provider and server wannabe is correct.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        In Cisco's mind, servers are a switch accessory.

  4. Gwaptiva

    "driving simplicity, speed of decisions, and agility"... or, in layman's terms: increase profits for those with executive stock options

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