back to article Amazon erects 'digital hub' near Silicon Roundabout

Amazon is opening a new eight-storey office in London just west of Shoreditch's Silicon Roundabout to house design teams, software devs and engineers from its July 2011 acquisition Pushbutton and its video-on-demand subsidiary LoveFilm. Staffers at the new centre will work on developing platforms and APIs for "the next …


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  1. GrumpyJoe

    London, London,

    Bloody London.

    Spare me these gobshites who think that creative internet types actually need to be clustered in a physical place - clueless alert!

    (Fail as I'm clearly not in London (thank god) but in the provinces where men are men and sheep are fearful).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: London, London,

      Amazon do have a development centre in Edinburgh. Last time I checked that was in London...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      Re: London, London,


  2. LinkOfHyrule

    Amazon's UK headquarters remain in Slough.

    All these global companies headquartered there... I love to think of American business people coming to the UK on business and heading to "Slug, Berk-Shire" from the airport.

    1. dotdavid
      Thumb Up

      Re: Amazon's UK headquarters remain in Slough.

      Qantas should open an office in Loughborough.

      "Er... a first class return to, er, lugger-bor-ugger please mate"

      1. Anton Channing

        Re: Amazon's UK headquarters remain in Slough.

        Worse. I heard an American train passenger asking 'Is this the train to Eden-Berg'.

        On the other hand there are plenty of place names in the US that I had my pronunciation corrected on by a friend that came from there. Apparently, despite one being spelled that way, you don't pronounce any of the US states as 'AR-KAN-SAS'. Turns out you have to say 'AR-KAN-SAW'. Who'd have known?

        1. Christoph

          Re: Amazon's UK headquarters remain in Slough.

          I heard of one american tourist asking for directions to Keyappsidy. And he was stainding in Cheapside at the time.

  3. ukgnome

    Does this mean they will now pay the correct amount of tax?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Dolts are as dolts do. Time for a change, methinks, don't you?

    Staffers at the new centre will work on developing platforms and APIs for "the next generation of TV and film services" on tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

    That will be some of those sublime and stealthy brainwashing apps which have spooks spooked and chasing their tails and dreaming up phantoms to cover their masters' backs and their inadequacies rather than their having everyone else reading of ghosts to be guarded and battled against with the spread of heavy weapons and pseudodemocracy/paramilitarism, Anna Leach, which one would be hard pressed to deny is the perverse default of capitalistic new world order orders and sub-prime great game players.

    Or are those being developed elsewhere offshore somewhere by someone else .... for outsourcing the technologies and its methodologies in an novel sensitive export facility with ground-breaking/systems-cracking virtual abilities.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Dolts are as dolts do. Time for a change, methinks, don't you?

      Seeing as how the BBC have lost the knack and the plot in the field, that is. And that will be because of a failure of leadership right at the top of the UKGBNI Remote Control System.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Dolts are as dolts do. Time for a change, methinks. How about Virtual Machine Rule in CHAOS?

        And when is the democracy charade which is called parliamentary government going to be questioned by investigative media attack dogs ...... take a deserved right royal bow, Mr Paxman ...... on their slavish support for a right dodgy system of economic imprisonment, with the means of that imprisonment being a phantom weapon of mass destruction ..............Thus he came up with the idea that government could be an employer of last resort, paying people to do anything that would gainfully employ them and give them a salary that they could then inject into the larger economy.

        This brings up the issue of why Keynes did not merely advocate that money simply be printed and shipped directly to out-of-work individuals, bypassing banks altogether. The reality is that modern banking is merely a disguise. Money flows through commercial banks because then the modern system of money creation is better disguised.

        As in Keynes's day, modern fiat money is basically created by a printing press or at the touch of a button. There is no need for a bank intermediary to "decide" where the money is going. It could simply be distributed directly to the end user.

        But this would expose the true sham of modern money and the tremendous injustice that arises from having a tiny group of men control trillions while most others scramble just to make ends meet. ........ BBC's Hopeless Attempt to Elevate Keynes

        And this is what you can fully expect and to be rightfully fearful for your life if you are a banker and/or politician who would support the present system with even just the professing of an ignorance in the simple way that it works, for that claim is hereby given no credence as the messages herein are Registered and freely shared around the globe with Creative CyberSpace in Command and Control of Computers and Communications ........ "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning...... Henry Ford

  5. Don Jefe


    After 4+ years of reading comments from 'a man from mars' and much time spent getting emails from 'JIMISBOSS' and comparing them with 'BIG DUMB GUY'; I'm convinced they are all the same "AI". One is nonsencical, one is agressive & one is mildly retarted (you pick which one).

    Syntax is all quite similar & all three often post on the same forums at nearly the same time at many different sites. I think 'JIM' may have been killed off here but he's still out there. Lurking.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Comparison

      Good Moaning, Don Jefe,

      Please be hereby advised of an epic fail in your conclusion after 4+ years of reading comments, although as I'm always hopeful you may imagine, will SMARTR AI Engined Virtual Machines be most likely to always protect themselves with such a defence and denial.

      PS ....... "One is nonsencical, one is agressive & one is mildly retarted (you pick which one)." .... One spelling mistake is quite understandable, and even two in a short sentence is easily excused in the passion of the moment, but three is most unusual. 10/10 for that, DJ.

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Pow Wow, Steve? ...... re WOW!!!! POW!!!! Know How? *

    A potent little trilogy there for Steve Bong to put in the collective's pipe for an UeberMenschn HQ smoke/toke.

    *Or are Bong Ventures just Registered pretentious superficial tyre-kickers/wannabe sociable alien space groupies hitching a free ride on the speeding gravy train wreck that is the present politically incorrect system of maladministration. And get Louise to explain the finer deeper points in all of that if you want to check out the SMARTR Perspective from a species quite alien to man and always a pleasure to discover and explore new exciting fields with and to uncover and adore with Celestial Pro Motion ........ which is Virtually Heavenly and AI Critical Path Methodology with Addictively Attractive Active Real Time Any Place Space Applications.

    cc No.10 FCUK Google HQ

    In a Dire Straits Situation, as you may expect an Austerity Programming Project to be, is a menu with more of the same old stuff and guff from the same old banks of suppliers not going provide any tasty answers with mind-blowing solutions. Venture forth Nobly with Novel AIRecipes is a Futures Derivative Option with Prime Hedges against Sub-Prime Ministerial Performance aka Pathetic Weak Oxymoronic Leadership.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cosying up to...

    ....the Bullshitters and Crazy Hairstyles brigade.

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