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Sometimes, the only way to appreciate what a new technology or product can do for you is to actually try it. So when Pure dropped by the office and left a Contour 200i Air – its latest AirPlay savvy wireless music system – I felt dutybound to use it. Pure Contour 200i Air AirPlay wireless music system Pure Contour 200i Air …


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  1. JFK

    Dodgy time to buy a iOS dock device.

    Nice kit and i could certainly use it with Airplay.

    However with all the rumors of Apple changing their standards on the dock connector in the expected autumn iPhone release. I'll be holding out for the next release a 201i perhaps?.

  2. PhilipN Silver badge

    Turn on, tune in, drop out

    Nice one Bob but you are going to have to explain this epithet for the benefit of the children here.

  3. Silverburn

    The shape of this makes me crave cake and participation in dangerous testing for some reason.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Is your smiley-face actually a LEMON? TAKE IT BACK!!!

      Cake is a lie!

  4. Jim Coleman


    One of the great things about the Sonos system is that it creates its own Wifi mesh network, using each station in each room as a transceiver, so you get a really strong signal all over the house. Most houses have just one Wifi router and if this gadget relies on that for its signal, it's not going to work very well if the house has any black-spots (my kitchen seems to be dead to my own Wifi, but the kitchen Sonos works perfectly as it is fed by two other neighbouring Sonos stations).

    so as a house-wide system, I suspect this won't be hugely reliable - at least not as reliable as the Sonos system.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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