back to article NextDC stumps up $133m for 'bulletproof' data centre

ASX listed data centre purveyor NextDC has ploughed $AU130m ($133m) into a new Melbourne based facility, M1, pitched as the city’s largest. Foundation clients include NTT Communications Australia, iiNet Business, Amcom and PIPE Networks, M2, Optus and ASG. NextDC chief executive Craig Scroggie said the company was on its way …


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  1. Callam McMillan

    Reminds me of the BOFH

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Encrypt me, bro

    Any system is only as secure as the people using it, right?

  3. BilboBobbins

    Or ...

    ... any system which depends on human reliability is inherently unreliable.

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