back to article Blizzard coughs to boring Diablo III conclusion

Blizzard admitted flaws with Diablo III this week and conceded the game failed to keep players engaged for as long as they might have expected. "We recognise that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game. There are still tons of people playing every day and week, and playing a lot, but eventually …


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  1. tanj666

    Not a unique game every time by any means

    I've had this game for about a month. Played it lots, obviously.

    While its a good extension to D2, in it's own right it's not enough given its development time.

    The location maps are the same every game - something that bored me to tears with Titan Quest. Yes the names of the bosses change a little, sometimes. Yes, the location of extra quests can change a little, sometimes.

    Overall though, I'm already getting bored of it and thinking of returning to Torchlight which is at time a lot more fun.

    Oh, and what are these unique items? Never seen one yet.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not a unique game every time by any means

      I picked up Torchlight ages ago and only just got around to playing. Ok, I finished the main quest in less than a week, but for a couple of quid, fair dooz.

      It is the best dungeon crawl interface I've ever seen. The MMORPGs could take note. With (nearly) everyone on widescreens these days, it should be possible to have significant sidebars with common functions without impinging on the main view, or at least squishing the main view when sidebars are activated.

      Salivating over T2 multiplayer...

  2. Colin Ritchie


    WoW has been the 500 pound gorilla in the MMO mist for 7 years now, it refreshes content regularly and maintains its status/population thus. The sea of Diablo fans who eagerly waited 10 years for D3 will now have to wait for D4 to resume their love affair with 1 shot content. I sincerely hope they didn't spend the last 9 years re running D2 over and over. Ofc not, they were playing WoW for the last 7 instead. Bring on the Pandas already, D3 is over!

  3. cliff 2

    Good beginning, but....

    There's no end-game in Diablo 3 really, and not much of a mid-game either for that matter.

    Playing the game once only gets you to about Level 30, so to get up to 60 you just have to keep going through the same bunch of dungeons over and over. The randomness of loot is pretty boring too, as it means that you can finish a major boss battle and end up with bugger all worth keeping or selling.

    I did enjoy Diablo 3 for about 3 weeks, but once I had a couple of L60 characters set up there was nothing left to hold my attention.

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