back to article Tablets to outship laptops in 2016 SHOCK

More tablet market bullishness, this time from research company NPD DisplaySearch. World+Dog will buy more tablets than notebooks from 2016 onwards. Still, DisplaySearch isn't as bullish as Microsoft, which last week said it expects the market to definitively favour tablets over notebooks in 2013. Then, some 715m mobile …


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  1. Monkey Bob


    bullishness? Bullshitness shirley?

  2. squilookle

    On the one hand, yes, tablets may sell more because they can probably be viewed as more personal than computers and laptops. Therefore, you may find households buying one computer for the house and a tablet for each person.

    On the other hand, they will sell more until everyone has one and/or the excitement fades away, then sales will slow down as people just replace broken or outdated tablets.

    I just surmised that in about 30 seconds. I'm sure they "research" these things in more depth, but I really don't know how they occupy the other 7 hours of their working day. Or how they get paid for spouting such pointless crap.

  3. spegru
    Thumb Up


    Proper work: desktop+TV/monitor+desk of course

    light browsing: tablet or phone

    Smart TV does alot too

    So why lug a heavy laptop around?

    Ultrabook=Tablet with a screen? - but tablets can do that already

    1. Tim Almond

      Re: Tablet+Desktop+TV?

      "Ultrabook=Tablet with a screen? - but tablets can do that already"

      But the tablet is only a subset of the ultrabook features, while the ultrabook does everything a tablet does. And of course, everything's controlled in a way that PC's just aren't. And the tablets are so crippled and controlled that you'll probably want a PC anyway.

      Save your money and spend it on a bullworker so you can lift that heavy laptop.

      1. Steve Todd

        Re: Tablet+Desktop+TV?

        Most users only need that subset. Why should they pay more and carry around extra weight for something they don't want. YOU may need the capabilities of an ultrabook, and notebooks aren't going to die out any time soon so you don't have to panic, but this is about the mass market not you.

  4. Sil


    I can't believe it will be true and if it does I'm quite sure the notebook+desktop pc market will continue being bigger in numbers than the tablet market.

    In the same way netbooks were supposed to take over the world I don't think tablets will displace notebooks any time soon unless groundbreaking evolutions are produced. For me it would be portrait mode use with wireless keyboard (for working on a letter-like document), preferably A4 sized, as I don't think there is any notebook with rotating screen.

    There are too many work items and even entertainment / games that are done more efficiently and/or pleasurably on a true computer. If not a notebook then a desktop computer. It is often very awkward to use the tablet while holding it at the same time. And if you have a stand and a keyboard, why use a tablet where a notebook with bigger screen size is a possibility.

    Also smartphones' growth will - even if only partly - cannibalize tablets more than ultrabooks.

    Lastly in the same way many owner of notebooks also own desktop pcs, many tablet owners also own a notebook if not a notebook and a desktop pc. I would hazard a guess that very few consumers own tablets exclusively.

  5. Jim 59

    Tablets to outship laptops in 2016 SHOCK

    ie. toys are more popular than computers. 'twaserver thus.

  6. Richard 81

    Tablets vs. laptops

    The former is normally considered obsolete within two years and is unlikely to see any OS updates when the next model comes along. The latter can have 5-10 years of useful life it's a good one.

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