back to article LinkedIn inked out: Twitter cuts off jabberhose to suits

Twitter has tightened the screws on its application programming interface (API), cutting dead syndication with LinkedIn and promising a more "consistent" network for its users. The micro-blogging outfit is slowly starting to lock out third-party developers now that it has banked 100 million users. It is no longer interested in …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Who on earth would want link their Twitter account linked in to LinkedIn? I'd be just as likely to put a link to my Reg comments on my CV.

    Shame for marketroids, not an issue for real people.

    1. Lunatik

      Hey guys! Check me out on! #socialmediawankfest

      Absolutely. I'd be lucky to stay in my current job, much less gain employment elsewhere, if my degenerate Twitter feed leached out all over my staid LinkedIn profile.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Hey guys! Check me out on! #socialmediawankfest

        > if my degenerate Twitter feed leached out all over my staid LinkedIn profile.

        And that, in a nutshell, is why single-sign-on Google+everywhere is being embraced *so* enthusiastically. Or not.

    2. Andrew Waite

      You mean other than those of us that are able to remain professional on a social network and provide value content over the micro-blogging framework rather than just spamming #replacefilmwith<rudeword> hashtags like immature schoolkids? Nope, can't think of anyone.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    "His LinkedIn profile is here."

    I do so like articles that come with a good punchline.....

  3. auburnman

    Are Twitter making any money yet? Surprised they're still here.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I wonder if other purveyor's of SPAM will consider tightening their content regulations to stop unwanted readers receiving their valuable content free of charge?

  5. Gil Grissum

    I've never linked my Twitter to my Linked in, but then, I don't use my real name on either, so my employer will never find me on either.

  6. ThePhantom

    Thank the maker

    I am really sick of all of the cross-posting that I see, especially Twitter feeds on FaceBook and LinkedIn. For gosh sakes, I really don't need to see tweets in 3 locations - and AFAIK there is no way to tell FB or LI that I really don't want to see them. There also is no way to tell FB that while I want to see my friends' typed updates, I could care less that they planted another frikkin' carrot on FarmVille.

    1. PhillippeDuLait

      Re: Thank the maker

      Unless you are an American (and therefore beyond help when it comes to correct use of our language), it's "couldn't" as in "I couldn't care less". If indeed you could care less about carrot planting in FarmVille, then I question your priorities in life.

    2. druck Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Thank the maker

      Great news, I no longer have to suffer the inane twitterings of some vaguely connected associate masquerading as LinkedIn updates.

  7. ByeLaw101

    Linked in and twitter

    I think this is great news! Waves me selecting the account then hiding it due to tweet spam ;)

    1. dotdavid

      Re: Linked in and twitter

      Completely agree. I subscribe to an RSS feed of my LinkedIn updates, mainly so I can easily check if any of my contacts connect to anyone I know. But one or two of my contacts insist on spewing out crap they post on Tweeter into this list which diminishes its' usefulness for me.

      Hopefully LinkedIn won't just replace it with their own homegrown equivilent... but I'm not holding my breath.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "waves"?

      What have waves got to do with anything? Are you talking about hand waves or ocean waves?

  8. Tim 11

    100 million users??

    are you seriously suggesting that only 98.6% of the world's population think twitter is a load of bullshit? That's hard to believe.

  9. preppy

    Twitter on LinkedIn

    One of my connections in LinkedIn posted a tweet to LinkedIn every 30 minutes or so, maybe 18 hours a day. I got so used to skimming over these tweets that I was actually shocked this morning when they disappeared.

    Shocked.....and pleased too!

  10. Chris 3

    Seems an odd move...

    On the face of it Twitter is encouraging its users who want to cross-post to visit LinkedIn to post status updates, rather than posting through Twitter itself, which seems a little strange.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Less faggotry

    Is always a good thing.

  12. Bob Bobson

    "Consistent with ... evolving platform efforts, ... way to broadcast professional content...connections. ...Moving forward"

    LinkedIn really is beyond parody.

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