back to article Plans for special police-run ICT firm to firm up this month

Home Office Minister Theresa May is set to finally add some colour to the plans she sketched out last year over the creation of a police ICT company, the department has confirmed. The way IT is procured and managed by the boys in blue was criticised by May last summer for being "confused, fragmented and expensive" and a firm, …


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  1. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Pain In The Orifice?

    > "I don't want this to be PITO ..." said May.

    And yet, it almost certainly will be. Although this body is being set up to reduce costs, in practice it's just another layer of administration, waste and confusion. I'm not convinced that anything the government does to centralise services ever results in a cost saving - it just results in more civil servants.

    1. ElNumbre
      Thumb Up

      Re: Pain In The Orifice?

      Or outsourced to Logica/Cap Gemini/EDS et al.

      At least we know that however they do it, the funds won't be spent on social events in breweries. Just the organisation OF said social events before declaring it was unpossible and that its probably best left to the local constabularies to organise.

  2. Crisp

    Police officers with computers

    Now the Home Office has *two* problems.

  3. andil

    brideshead revisited

    yer yer yer heard it all before many times. Anyone remember health service one! Maybe we could waste less millions this time before they realise they being fleeced.

  4. fridaynightsmoke

    Bigger purchase orders

    by putting more purchasing responsibility in one chair means bigger (potential) bungs from suppliers.

    1. Is it me?

      Re: Bigger purchase orders

      Sorry, but just who is taking these bungs, I've been winning major government IT contracts for the past 10 years and never yet come across someone giving or receiving a bung. My experience is that the client side purchasing team are uber professional and won't even let you buy them a coffee.

      So come on who's doing, put up or shut up.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They should run it from Durham Constabulary and London.

    There are two reasons

    1. "We are the Met, it's our way or the highway, prepare to be assimilated, we do not let you fight it out and arrest who survives. We stamp it out with asps. Sit down!."

    2. "The best project manager in the entire police force, is in Durham Constabulary. (I know this because he interviewed me for a CRM job while I was outside an amphitheatre - I'm not police, and have no axe to grind, but few people have inspired such confidence.)

    Either way, does this mean they won't discriminate against me because I don't have DV? I suspect not.

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