back to article Google nixes extra wireless attachments to its new Kansas fibres

Google has rejected overtures from a Kansas non-profit to integrate their wireless solution for the digitally challenged, saying that it didn't fit into their licensing model. Connecting for Good is a non-profit organisation aiming to get people in Kansas connected, and had hoped to work with the Chocolate Factory which is in …


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  1. Nat C.


    It's Kansas City, not simply Kansas!! Although it is in the state of Kansas.

    1. Cian Duffy

      Re: Kansas!?

      Most of the city isn't even in Kansas...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Kansas!?

        To those of you not familiar with the history:

        Originally, Kansas was to be rectangular. Kansas City was entirely within the borders of Kansas. Then, it was decided that the north-eastern border would be defined by the Missouri River. Like most cities on a river, Kansas City straddled the river, so it was now in both Kansas and Missouri. Normally they are referred to as KCK ("kay see kay") and KC Mo ("kay see mow"). Each city has a different character - not quite "good twin/evil twin", but different like "Dick York" and "Dick Sargent".

        KCK has many high tech companies - Sprint and Garmin being two right off the top of my head. This roll-out was to be in KCK and it's suburbs of Overland Park and Lenexa.

        But yes, Google wasn't looking to roll out fiber elsewhere in Kansas - a pity, I would have loved to seem them roll it out here in Wichita.

        1. Vector

          Re: Kansas!?

          OK, that's not quite it either. Having grown up in Overland Park, I can tell you that it and Lenexa along with the rest of Northeastern Johnson County (in Kansas) grew as the "bedroom communities" of Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas which is in neighboring Wyandotte County (as a matter of fact, Overland Park is actually larger than KCK). They are all in the "Kansas City Metropolitan Area" but KCMO (the Missouri one) is the anchor of the region.

          None-the-less, they are still both Kansas City not Kansas which is a state. From what I can find on the Google blog about the project, both KCK and KCMO are included in the project, but it is unclear whether the cities in Johnson County (which are the true locations of Garmin and Sprint) are included.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Kansas!?

            I have learned a lot more about Kansas and Kansas City than I expected to learn today. Thank you.

        2. JCitizen

          Re: Kansas!?

          Google wouldn't need to "fiber" Western Kansas" - they are already gigabit ready fiber optic out there - eastern Kansas in in the stone age.

  2. Mikel

    Gigabits to share

    Maybe what people will do with gigabit is share over wifi with their less connected neighbors?

    1. ElNumbre

      Re: Gigabits to share

      American 'haves' supporting American 'have-nots'? Whatever next, social healthcare for all?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "what people will do when they've got bags and bags of bandwidth"

    watch bags and bags of porn presumably.

    1. mhenriday

      As I only have (a nominal) 100 Mb/s downstream,

      I've hitherto abstained from those bags and bags of porn, but of course, I can't be held responsible for what I'd be watching were Google were to come along and offer me a full Gb/s (never happen - here in Sweden, alas, we're always the last to get those Google goodies). As a certain Mr Wilde once observed, «I can resist anything but temptation»....


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