back to article Berkshire bigboy 2e2 in the pink - apart from crushing debt burden

Integrator 2e2 recorded steep losses in calendar 2011 caused by crippling interest repayments, discontinued operations and restructuring costs, but despite all this, some progress was made in the underlying operations. The privately held Berks-based firm, which pushed out the numbers in a glossy annual report, made a net loss …


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  1. Valiant
    Paris Hilton

    The Emperor's New Clothes ....

    ... if i ever saw them!

    Paris, because if anyone can talk it up, she can.


    Who do 2e2 bank with?

    If the interest owed is LIBOR + 16%, why don't they just ask their bank to manipulate the LIBOR rate to, say, -17%, and have the debt paid off for them?

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