back to article Seattle: we built this city, we built this city in Ram'n'Rom

Old circuit boards clutter up landfill across the world, but with creativity and a little time on your hands, you could turn discarded computer parts into miniature cities instead. Check out this Ram-packed replica of Seattle's skyline. Seattle cityscape made from computer parts Network engineer Ali Difaez grabbed his glue …


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  1. hamsterjam

    Cool, but...

    ...about fifteen years ago when the city of Amsterdam was starting work on the suburb of Ijburg, they had a visitor centre with a model of the finished suburb where they used old semiconductors to represent the buildings.

    OT: Ijburg was, in classic Dutch style, built on reclaimed land. (I sailed over it before they reclaimed it). It nowadays gives me the opportunity to shout as I drive past it "I remember when this was all just lakes!".

    1. hamsterjam

      Re: Cool, but...

      Supplementary information: has a picture of that model about half-way down. You can't make out the individual pieces, but you get the idea.

  2. jr424242

    What will it look like after the earthquake.

    And where is the traffic jam?

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