back to article US nuke lab goes back for BlueGene/Q seconds

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the big nuke labs funded by the US Department of Energy, does a lot of super-secret classified nuclear weapons design and management work but it also lets the scientific community play with its biggest machines during shakedown phases and keeps around some iron that they can use on …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Great British IntelAIgents Test ...... of MI5/6/GCHQ Servers in the Future[s] Market Space Place

    "The Vulcan machine will be administered by LLNL's High Performance Computing Innovation Center, which was announced last year as an adjunct to the Sequoia contract with IBM to take that six-month shakedown period and make it a permanent feature of the next-generation petaflopper installed at a DOE nuke lab so academic and corporate researchers could develop codes on a big, bad box and come up with software innovations that would not only solve real world problems, but help the nuke labs benefit from the work of other techies."

    If one supposes that there is a Virtual Terrain Team [and individual members of that VTT be an exotic and enigmatic mix of both the private and pirate and public bodies sectors demonstrably already ready, willing and able to enable and exercise mentoring and monitoring of leading control facilities/capabilities/abilities in both renegade, non-state actor and runaway taxing government systems of assets management and human being control] which of the trinity of organisations mentioned/provided by El Reg in the paragraph/words above, would be the most likely prime host and point of contact for an ARG Program and Virtual Reality Presentation with Persons of Interest flying Vulcan Bombes in LOVE with CHAOS?

    LLNL's High Performance Computing Innovation Center, IBM [Let's build a smarter planet, and with AI, SMARTR Plane Travel] or does one target and engage primarily and, when the nature of research is deemed so disruptively powerful and seismically sensitive [Great Game-Changing] in the extremes, exclusively with the funding stream machine, US Department of Energy? ....... which always then presents other available options in lead with other funding stream machines.

    Or would that more likely be a Protected Para-Military Project and a classified TS/SCI black operation which has the likes of a DARPA or IARPA fielding personnel for plausible denial and/or bold ambiguous acknowledgement of ongoing hard wired trials and software systems beta testing ….. with AI building SMARTR Planetary Spaces with Alien Societies for Earthly Placement and Production ……. in Order to Seamlessly Deliver Virtual Creation of Heavenly Utopias.

    And if not of Western promise, then obviously would it be of Eastern origin ….. and to the valiant victor would be the rightful spoils of their advanced intelligence toils …… Perfectly Immaculate Novel Control of Newly Configured and Radically Reconstituted Great Games with Absolute Power Players ……. SMARTR Beings building the Future with AI?

    And a question right at the end of all of that lest one fail to think how simple IT is done in practice.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Most of those problems have applications *inside* the firewall as well.

    Where for example would you find metals being subjected to millions of atmospheres of pressure so they behave like a fluid?

    High intensity laser exposure is always handy if your nuke might be facing a future energy weapon defense system.

    In fact laser fusion started as a way of simulating conditions inside a bomb without needing a nuclear weapons test in the first place.

    The dark matter search and HIV family tree sound like the only *truly* civilian apps.

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