back to article Fujitsu raises UK minimum wage to £14k

Fujitsu has agreed to up its minimum wage for its British workers following sustained pressure from union Unite. The Japanese corporate put in place a £12,000 base salary in 2010 after negotiating with the union and agreed to review this annually. The union said it was pushing for Fujitsu to raise the threshold to £15,000 to …


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  1. g e

    Nice work if you can get it - be a Union boss

    The Sun estimates that Len McCluskey gets £149,312 a year, made up of a salary of £97,677 plus £51,635 in benefits.

    Yeah it's the SUN, but that doesn't mean they're far off the mark.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nice work if you can get it - be a Union boss

      That sounds about right. I usually hear of union bosses getting around £120k ish. You also have to take in to account a lot of them get other perks, like a big house to rent (owned by the union) for a nominal fee (£1 a year).

      It might seem a bit over the top, but if you've got a good head then he should be looking after you.

    2. Jonathon Green
      Thumb Up

      Re: Nice work if you can get it - be a Union boss

      Good luck to him. In this case at least he's clearly doing an excellent job for his members...

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nice work if you can get it - be a Union boss

      >Yeah it's the SUN, but that doesn't mean they're far off the mark.

      It just means they couldn't be arsed looking up the actual figures - which are published.

    4. AdamWill

      Re: Nice work if you can get it - be a Union boss

      Isn't that pretty much what middle management at a company like Fujitsu gets? Do you want to try comparing Mr. McCluskey's pay to what, say, the CEO of Fujitsu gets, as would be the appropriate comparison?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And what does the Sun say

    And what does the Sun say about Barclays, and the other former "masters of the Universe" who are far more responsible for the pathetic plight of the employees and former employees of UK plc (including Fujitsu) than McCluskey ever was?

    Even the BBC, even with the Chairman of Barclays (Marcus Agius) on the BBC Board to "maintain balance" with the Board's trade union reps (actually there isn't one), is finally having to admit that all is not well around the City trough.

    Wake up, ignore the divide and rule, there's only one common enemy in this picture, and as this week's UK news shows, it ain't the working man's democratically elected representatives.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Private sector?

    This is the private sector, if they are any good they won't need unions because they can go and get a better paid job elsewhere. If they're not good enough to do that they probably don't deserve even the pittance they're getting now.

    When will people wake up to the fact that while capitalism and socialism have their faults we are sitting in the middle with the worst bits of both.

    1. Martin

      Re: Private sector?

      What has the fact that they are in the private sector got to do with anything? There have been unions in private sector companies for years - frequently welcomed there, as it's easier for the management to deal with union reps than it is to deal with all the people individually.

      And where, exactly, are these "better paid jobs"? Noticed the recent unemployment figures? They are not ALL workshy scroungers, you know.

    2. vic 4

      Re: Private sector?

      Agree with your second paragraph.

      That first one though, I don't even know where to start and I'm not even going to try. All I can say is you appear to be living a rather fortunate life and are blinkered to the hardships many people in this and other countries go through just earning a living.

  4. The Axe


    If this is national then the unions are being their normal stupid self. A living wage in London is different to one in Newcastle. Wages should be dependent on the living conditions of the area.

    1. Piro Silver badge

      Re: National?

      To be fair, £14k pre-tax is next to nothing in this day, so it's not as if they're pushing for something horrendous.

  5. Triggerfish

    RE: Private sector

    Theres a lot of unemployed IT people out there at the moment so its not unlikely that sometimes its lack of choice.

    Worked there myself for about 4 weeks (temp 1st level support), that was before the economy went wrong, seemed to me most of the staff on that wage were just getting started in IT so didn't have enough experience even if they knew there way around systems to be able to strike out for higher paying jobs yet.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Fourteen Thousand Quid?

    Good grief, I got that in nineteen-eighty-something and I was never a high flier.

    £14,000 isn't a salary: it's an insult.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As a person who have to deal with entry-level Fujitsu staff every day in my professional life, taking their standard of service into account, they are more often than not, overpaid.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Overpaid


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