back to article Ten... highlights from 40 years of Atari

With Atari celebrating its 40th anniversary today, we thought we'd look back at the company's rise and fall in the computing world, in case you're either too young or - worst case scenario - too addled to remember. Or you haven't yet seen the Atari feature on El Reg. Either way, here's ten highlights from Atari's history that …


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  1. Dcope
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    I miss my 65XE

    Wrote my first programs even had a computer desk for it, Zybex was the best game i had for it, sort of missed the ST/Amiga thing could never afford one, didnt get back into computers till Uni and the start of the net. Good times and slow loading.

  2. John Watts


    I had an 800XL with the floppy disk drive that was so noisy I could never get away with playing any games when I was supposed to be in bed.

    I also had one of the graphics tablets it had which made a great substitute paddle for playing breakout. I used to engage cheat mode on the higher levels by resting a book on the space bar (which was the pause button and would produce a jittery half-speed with the key-repeat).

    Those were the days.

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