1. Roger B


    My YouView box is due to be delivered tomorrow (27/6) for the trial period, just curious if anyone else is one of the 2,500 testers? Quite surprised there has been nothing on El Reg recently for this.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: YouView

      At least one reader has offered to share experiences with Andrew O. with view to us writing this up.

      Would you like to be involved? You can contact Andrew directly at

      andrew.orlowski @theregister.co.uk

    2. Roger B

      Re: YouView

      Okay, so DPD have just delivered the box, within the stated hour delivery slot as well which is always nice! Had a quick look inside and the contents are;

      2 x Homeplugs, was not expecting these and probably dont need them, my BT Homehub sits next to the TV and its all on the same wall as the BT socket, but nice to have all the same.

      1 x Youview box - Manufactured by Humax (Good to know, I like Humax kit)

      1 x HDMi cable

      1 x manual

      1 x getting started guide

      1 x Remote

      Can't do much else with it right now, but once I get home could be a fun evening and just in time for Saturdays Tour De France start!

      1. Roger B

        Re: YouView

        and I've just received an email from YouView reminding me of the confidentiality agreement in the T&C's so I will now shut up!

      2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what is youview?

    First I've heard.

    1. Roger B

      Re: what is youview?

      YouView is as far as I understand it is a Freeview + HD Box, with built in IPTV for all the major channels in the UK along with options for pay per view/ subscription options. I am assuming it has a HDD in, but maybe everything is run over IPTV, the EPG I think allows me to go back an hour/day etc and just click play for whatever I want to watch. Might be interesting with my 40GB monthly limit from BT...

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