back to article ICANN anoints new internet kingpin

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has confirmed that it will have new CEO to replace outgoing boss Rod Beckstrom, but not until October. The new recruit is Lebanese-born businessman Fadi Chehadé, who has spent time in senior management at IBM and was until recently the CEO of cloud vendor Vocado. …


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  1. S 11

    ICANN not stomach this any longer.

    ICANN is supposedly a non-profit organization.

    ICANN allowed GoDaddy to become a Registrar.

    ICANN not wait for Godzilla to find their headquarters

    At the end of the day what can you really do but heft a pint?

  2. Ru

    "international multi-stakeholder model"

    ICANN is basically the US equivalent of a QUANGO (though I dunno what you call em on the other side of the Atlantic). Bones are thrown to the rest of the world, but ultimately ICANN is well aware of who wears the trousers. Lets not pretend it is a neutral, international governer of the internet.

  3. greensun

    Chehade used to work with Atallah.

    Is just one of those coincidences or is ICANN all about who you know, not what ?

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