1. Chris Mellor 1

    Does EMC need tape.

    Does EMC need tape products in its offering to satisfy the needs of customers with large archives?

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    Jon Toigo blog on the topic.

    Jon Toigo has a great blog on the tape renaissance here - http://www.drunkendata.com/?p=3804&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

  3. Jan 0 Silver badge

    Learn what's really going on, go to one of W Curtis Preston's Backup Seminars!

    Where were you last week El Reg?

    In the meantime, what's with this redirection to the Forums nonsense?

    We commentards want to comment on the article.

    We don't need no steenking forums.

    They might as well be a foramen negrum.

    Where's the LTFS icon?

  4. Wanda Lust

    Market making

    So DD seems to have done a pretty good job of owning the disk based dedupe appliance market. But that really only goes out to 100s of TBytes (raw) primarily for recovery purposes?

    Petabyte archives? Different use case & in this big data world, sure, only tape can handle that: pure economics, simple.

    But how many shops have multi-petabyte requirements? Some yes, but not as many that can make use of disk based dedupe.

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