back to article TPG hit with AUD$2m fine

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has again taken a local telco to task for dodgy advertising practices. This time the offender is TPG Internet, which has has been ordered by the Federal Court to hand over AUD$2 million in civil pecuniary penalties for false and misleading national advertising campaign. The …


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  1. mrd
    Thumb Down

    Ridiculously high fine

    Something is up when Apple can sell a product - actually sell it, get people's money - advertised as 4G which didn't work as 4G and be fined only $300k more than an advertisement that you could not sign up for and not got what you expected. (Go and sign up for TPG and you saw the prices, bundled and non-bundled.)

    1. Steven Roper

      You're forgetting

      that Australian judges all own shares in Apple.

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