back to article Storage company promises INFINITE IMMORTALITY

NetApp has announced a major minor release of its data ONTAP storage operating system, promising data immortality and infinity. Data ONTAP is NetApp's operating system for its FAS arrays and provides a unified file (NFS, pNFS and CIFS/SMB) and block (iSCSI, FCoE and Fibre Channel) storage array architecture. NetApp customers …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    one volume or global namespace?

    does it balance the i/o and space between the sub volumes? would I have to worry when I write a bunch of data that it may overflow one of the constituent volumes ?

    Is this the same technology as before just scaled up a bit more(not knowing the previous limits myself) and with a new name or is this totally new ? (Can't imagine it's totally new given the small version change on the release?)

  2. pixl97

    I'm I the only one..

    Who read the subject as

    "Storage company promises INFANT MORTALITY"

    and wondered why netapp got in the business of killing babies?

    1. Midnight

      Re: I'm I the only one..

      I was wondering how data could acquire INFINITE IMORALITY.

    2. Captain Save-a-ho

      Re: I'm I the only one..

      I had a moment of madness and wondered whether all those experiments into INFINITE IMPROBABILITY had finally paid off.

    3. Don Jefe

      Re: I'm I the only one..

      You are not alone. That's what I saw at first glance as well.

  3. the spectacularly refined chap

    These kind of promises are a waste of time...

    ...given that there is always a limitation on the liability if something does go wrong. Usually something so low as to be insulting, and which amounts to what you are paying them every few days. £500 is a common figure.

    Why can't these kind of companies be more upfront from the outset? "Trust your mission critical data to us an we'll NEVER lose it. Unless that costs us more than £500 and then it's gone."

  4. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    I suspect that some fun glitch will come up, and wipe ALL your files, some way, some how, some day - with the "immortality data system"....

    Never to be seen again.

    I think if little systems can fuck up...., then so much the better for diversified, networked, globally located, multi drived super systems....

    Stuxnet by shitheads anyone?

  5. Chris007

    Not being picky at all

    "- Infinite scalability with a single volume that can grow to 20PB. Er, sorry NetApp but 20PB is not infinite. I know; we're being picky. "

    Personally it's ludicrous claims like this that should be outlawed. You cannot say "infinite" and then say it can grow to 20PB - THAT IS NOT INFINITE.

    El Reg - Shame on you for even apologising.

    1. Andy ORourke

      Re: Not being picky at all

      It's pretty close, I mean everyone is used to seeing Unlimited* so I guess that's how they get round this.

      The Wife's Orange contract comes with unlimited* text messages (* the small print says, and I quote "Subject to a maximum of 3000 text messages per month")

      OK, she's not likely to use 3000 texts in a month but still to say it's unlimited and then place a hard limit on it, well, that's just wrong.

      Now if only we had some kind of authority that monitored advertising standards.............

    2. DrDedupe

      Re: Not being picky at all

      The key phrase here being a single volume - want more capactiy..add more volumes. Sure this can be said of any storage vendor, but not at 20PB a pop.


      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not being picky at all

        Is it a single volume or a single name space. They are two different things. Please don't mix them...

        From what I've read so far... I am taking away Infinite volume == name space which NTAP is saying is a single volume from a host perspective. But it doesn't provide the benefits of a a single volume (striping across the backup to leverage resource across).

        DO you guys at least support migrating data etc between different nodes of your cluster ? Or is that coming in a future release?

  6. Anonymous Coward 15

    I read "Infinite improbability"

    and wondered if it comes with a large sticker saying "Don't Panic".

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