back to article HP rolls up virty desktop system bundles for SMBs

HP has refreshed its server lineup with the myriad Xeon E5 processors in its ProLiant Gen8 machines, so small and medium businesses now have lots of options from which to choose. But these days, SMBs are not just interested in buying raw iron. Sometimes they want to plunk in a new stack, appliance style, that solves a specific …


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  1. K

    Can somebody answer me this, is 1 CPU really enough to power 50 Virtual Desktops?

    If so, I have a "spare" server with 64Gb of RAM and 2x16 Core Opterons (32 Cores).. What numbers would I get from this? (If I beefed up the memory to 128Gb or 192Gb..

    1. Cloud is Crap

      Well it does depend on what the desktops are doing, bu generally no 1 CPU is not enough for 50 desktops.

      Also VDI is a pretty rubbish solution no matter what the vendors tell you.

  2. Cloud is Crap

    With those amd processors, and 100gb of Ram you may well get 50 windows 7 desktops with 2gb each

    But they may not run very fast as windows 7 usually does better with 4GB of RAM. Also you will need to load up with disks, probably at least 16 spindles. And 1 gb bbwc.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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