back to article Reloaded Doom 3 shoots onto shelves this autumn

iD Software's Doom 3 is to be rereleased as an "enhanced version" this autumn, bringing the classic first-person shooter to PS3 "for the first time", and once again to the Xbox 360 and PC. Dubbed the Doom 3 BFG Edition, the game comes bundled with two previously released expansion packs, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

    Are they sure about that?

    I distinctly remember playing Doom 3 on the (original) Xbox ...

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

      I was going to say that but I think what they mean is bringing the original DOOM for the first time, alongside DOOM3 which definitely was on consoles.

      1. Annihilator

        Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

        Bringing Doom to *these* consoles for the first time. Doom was available on most consoles from the early to late 90's (from SNES, GBA, Saturn to original Playstation)

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Hope it's not as bad as the last


      2. Maxson

        Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

        DOOM1 & 2 are available on XBox Live Arcade. They're actually pretty good ports too, the textures have been rescaled so the pixels aren't the size of fists on HDTVs.

      3. Gavin 2

        Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

        I played the original Doom on the Playstation 1, so its been on a console before

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

          Not being funny but do you guys bother to read the comments before you comment????

          1. Suburban Inmate

            Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

            @ AC 16:25 - No.

    2. Caleb Cox (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

      I've tweaked for clarification now - Doom is coming to PS3 for the first time. It has been available on Xbox before.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

        Yeh, you screwed that up too...

        1. Caleb Cox (Written by Reg staff)

          Re: Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

          Hate to break it to ya Barry, but I never said first time to PlayStation, I said first time to PS3... Shirley you of all people know the difference between Sony consoles?

  2. Annihilator


    Seems odd to have hype for what's essentially a platinum-esque release of a game I've played to death several years ago. However if it hooks in new, younger fans then great, but I fear that gamers today may expect more from a game and will find it a bit dated.

    I'm hoping that when Doom 4 comes along they'll have "fixed" the Rage/iD Tech 5 engine to be fit for purpose (on the PS3 at least). It was a great technical exercise, but the fuzzy focus with gradual sharpening made me feel like I was playing on Google Earth on a slow net connection.

  3. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Was Doom 3 any good? A good part of my youth was spent playing the originals, but Doom3 just looks a bit generic.

    (Cue blood-tinted spectacled memories, especially the sound of the shotgun reloading and the rib-splitting gut-spilling that ensued if you blew up an oil drum next to an enemy.... IDSPISPOPD, a brace of 486DXs with a null-modem cable, native support for the Gravis Ultrasound etc. )

    1. Bonce
      Thumb Up

      Good nostalgia, thanks

      For some reason, the name "486DX" still makes my pulse quicken. :-\

      1. That Awful Puppy
        Thumb Up


        I had a DX2!

        1. MJI Silver badge

          Re: Peasants

          Wrong - I had a DX

          DX 2 was clock doubled, DX wasn't

          DX is better than DX2 for same speed

          DX50 better than DX2 50 or DX2 66

          1. TeeCee Gold badge

            Re: Peasants

            "DX 2 was clock doubled", which made sense.

            Then it all went Pete Tong with the DX4, which was clock, er, tripled........

            As for which was better, there's no easy answer as it really depended on what was running. In an ideal world, where the prediction / prefetch side gets it right, the cacheing's on the money and the clock-multiplied pipelines can be kept fed, the 2s and 4s win. The downside is that a pipeline stall wastes a shitload of cycles.

            I think it's probably correct to say that the multiplier approach proved more advantageous overall, given where we are now.

            1. MJI Silver badge

              Re: Peasants

              I wanted a DX2 100 - clock doubled DX50

        2. stanimir

          Re: Peasants

          dx2 - 80MHz (the standard was dx2 -66).

          1. stucs201

            Re: Peasants

            I really was a peasant, I only had a 40Mhz 386DX (the AMD version). 'High detail' was unpleasant, but low detail was playable. I had to wait until I left university and got a job for the 4MB ram upgrade to make it run though. Before then it had to be played on the university's shiney new cluster of 486s, I think they'd had them about two weeks when DOOM was launched - perfect timing, before that nothing on campus would have been good enough to run it.

          2. MH2

            Re: Peasants

            Sorry--but I was a proud owner of the fastest 486 ever sold:

            AMD 486DX4/120 (yes, that's a 40 MHz bus when the best Intel had on offer was 33 MHz).

            Beat the crap out of anything Intel released, even their Pentium 75, which was released to staunch the bleeding this chip was causing them.

            1. Miaau
              Thumb Up

              Re: Peasants

              I too had one of those. My smug friends and their Pentiums. Hah, tried benchmarking and my 486 killed theirs. good times, good times.

            2. Rob Beard
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              Re: Peasants

              Ahh I have good memories of the AMD 486s. Around that time I was working in a computer shop (my first real job) and I was literally chomping at the bit to get one. IIRC eventually I plumped for the inferior Cyrix 5x86 chip which didn't last. Also remember various other DX4 chips from lots of different companies... IBM, UMC, Cyrix... I never was sure if they were just re-badged Cyrix chips.

              I also remember from around that time (or possibly a few months earlier) that AMD released a great advert for their 486DX4/100, I think it was 100 reasons why an AMD 486DX4 100 was better than a Pentium 66, and one of the digs was that it could do floating point stuff properly without any errors.

              I'd love to get a copy of that advert, I think it was in PC Magazine, alas I've not been able to find a copy :-)

              Ahh great memories. I think I might install Doom on my PCs at home this weekend and teach my daughters the joys of having a Doom death match :-)


        3. Pirate Dave Silver badge

          Re: Peasants

          Lucky me, I had a NexGen Nx90 CPU. Ran Doom/DoomII/Final Doom/Ultimate Doom/Eternal Doom like blazes. Then Quake came out and required a math chip. Uh-oh, the NexGen had no such capability. :'( Finally managed to finagle a P133 board, chip, and ram and experienced Quake in all its gory glory.

          I found Doom3 to be tiresome and gave up before I got half-way through it. Played Unreal Tournament and UT2004 for years though...

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Sheer Luxury

            DX co-processor? Sheer Luxury!

            I had to play on a 486 SX/33.

            4MB RAM, 170MB HDD (which I later doublespaced to put win95 on after a RAM upgrade to 12mb!), no sound card.

            I mind Doom was best framerate when the screen was resized in a peg or two.

            Still very atmospheric.

            I got Heretic, Duke3D and Descent to run on that machine.

            Had to manually unzip the files from the Destruction Derby installer to get it to run.


    2. TeeCee Gold badge

      "Was Doom 3 any good?"

      Put it this way. It was the first one (and still one of the very few) that I found had to be played with the lights on first time through. It all got a shade too atmospheric in the dark, too many things deliberately put in to fuck with one's head and cause the screaming heebie-geebies[1]. It was the first I played where trouser-soiling moments were caused due to hearing something horribly unpleasant behind me, courtesy of 5.1 sound. Other games had had surround sound, but none had exploited it to the extent that Doom 3 did in my experience.

      Fairly typical Doom-y plot (you're on your own, it's nasty, shoot stuff before it kills you), loads to get through, lots of serious gory mess and liberally stuffed with ohshitohshitohshit back-to-the-wall-and-hope-the-ammo-doesn't-run-out moments. It scores over earlier Doom versions with the interactive kit all over the shop (I can play a video game in a video game - WTF?), decent NPCs, smarter bad guys and..........that atmosphere.

      Probably the only thing that lets it down is that the ending is a shade too easy. I think that Id knew that and overcompensated in "Resurrection of Evil", by putting in a final sequence that's perishingly close to impossible to beat. Having said that I aced the ending of the original DOOM first time through without a scratch (and a repeatable technique too - quite the coup at the time it was), so maybe they were deliberately going for nostalgia in 3.....

      All-in-all it still ranks as one of my all-time favourites, so going back to the original question, I have to say yes.

      [1] E.g. <Tortured voice in left ear> "Saaaavvvvveeeee Meeeeeee" </Tortured voice in left ear> - and it means it too. Amusing after the fact, when the gag becomes apparent, but more "Wtf was that? Oooooooohhhhhhh Shiiiiiiittttttt" at the time.

      1. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


        was the bit with the crying child whispering in the walls that got me utterly freaked out

        Bloody good sound on that game.... ok 'ish visuals and a boring linear plot

        1. Annihilator

          Re: It

          "They took my baby..." was the one for me. Atmospheric game, but pretty tiresome formulaic game play (as pointed out elsewhere, creep, trigger trap, kill lights, beasts emerge, fire until dealt with, repeat)

      2. Dave 126 Silver badge


        Thank you for a considered and concise review that answers the questions I had. Atmosphere is what I got from the original... My PC was behind when Doom3 came out, but my engineer house mate used it for testing his, ahem, workstation.

        The first time I encountered one of those pink gorilla things in Doom (level 5?), i only heard it grunting in a dark corridor (Thank you Gravis) and nearly shat myself, shooting it point-blank with the rocket launcher, killing myself. I also remember running the audio through a loud HiFi, and the sound of the shotgun causing my mate's kid brother to run out if the room in tears.

      3. L.B.

        TeeCee...was your Doom3 different to mine?

        I playing Doom I and II on my 486DX50 and later Pentium133, followed by the Duke in 3D, Hexen, Quake I & II and on to the ultimate Half Life (which used a modifies Quake engine) and HL2 (and more...).

        I got Doom3 a year or so after release cheap (about £5 and that was too much), and after HL 2 it was boring.

        Just walking around for ages (mostly in the dark) trying to spot the key cards on a desk/floor (with correct colour), shoot everything that moved and try to guess when the next creature would be spawned around the corner or behind you.

        Story progression was nothing more than after a few hours trudging around looking for keys; kill a boss and get a new/bigger gun.

        I have no idea how far I got through it as I never completed it, due to it being so utterly monotonous.

        It had better graphics than the original Half Life and just about on par with HL2 that was released a year earlier than this, but zero style or substance.

        I have replayed HL, Opposing Forces, and HL2 (plus MINERVA) multiple times as they are beautifully crafted games with evolving stories, that just like watching an old movie can still be enjoyed again.

    3. Suburban Inmate
      Thumb Up

      Ahhh... my first build :)

      Good memories there, my first build was a 486 DX4 - 100mhz. I was a mere pup of 13 way back then.

      Back to the topic, I hated Doom 3, like wading through treacle until you got half stroggified. Ditto Unreal 2. I want a nice nippy character for dodging projectiles and generally getting on with the mission and keeping the action flowing FFS!

  4. Maxson

    No free update for those of us that paid £30 7 years ago unfortunately.

    Luckily I didn't, I picked it up in the id pack on steam and won't be paying £20 for some minor updates to an average game.

    1. Horridbloke

      How much?

      Indeed, I think I still have the retail version (multiple CDs) somewhere but it's very dusty now. If it was available from for ten dollars then I might spring for it, otherwise no thank you.

  5. Jeebus

    Add-ons for original PC version.

    For those who don't fancy shelling £20 for a game shoehorned 3D nearly a decade after release check out the Moddb downloads, the HQ packs do the job for free.

    Unless you count bandwidth costs, which I don't. Also far better lighting mods, and also a new mod Endarchy has just finished, well worth a go.

  6. Greg J Preece

    I'm used to being the only guy who thought the original Doom games were a bit crap, but am I the only one who thinks £30 for this release is a piss-take?

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      I take you were a Descent fan? : D

      At least Doom was try before you buy, so you didn't loose out (except for waiting for a BBS that was swamped with demand)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        No love for ROTT?

        This... ehem... guy I knew had his entire school computer lab installed with all three. We had IPX/SPX LAN parties every morning before school started. Those were the days :)

        Personally, I was a little partial to multiplayer in Descent... but tend to recall all three getting played about equally.

      2. Greg J Preece

        "I take you were a Descent fan? : D"

        You know, I was. :-p But I also quite liked Heretic, because it was everything Doom claimed to be.

        Incidentally, all three were available as shareware, back when a demo was 1/3rd of the game, not 5 minutes of cutscenes and one firefight.

  7. DrXym

    Crap game

    Doom 3 looked great but the levels were almost linear and the process of advancing was exactly the same - creep forward, trigger hidden trap, lights out, flash light, gun, shoot, shoot, lights on, repeat. Literally that was it all the way through. There was no way to predict what would trigger an attack, just that there was probably an invisible pressure plate around the corner that would.

    One of the most popular patches for the game was a gun with a flashlight on it since it seems a space marine fighting through an abandoned Mars colony never thought of using duct tape. Doom 3 might have been a good tech demo but it was a bad game.

    Far Cry on the other hand which appeared around the same time was an awesome game. The cutscenes and plot were a bit generic but the open worlds demonstrated what a FPS *should* be. It's too bad so many games still think that linear levels with a few arenas are still acceptable game design.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Crap game

      "One of the most popular patches for the game was a gun with a flashlight on it..."

      Yes and a bloody daft idea that was too. Some guns had lights, some didn't. The compromise that forced in dark areas (and the need to be a bit nifty at swapping weapons sometimes) was part of the game.

      The duct tape patch was merely a cheat to make it easier for those too lame to play it properly and too far up their own arses to just admit they were crap and wind the in-game brightness up to "I can see all the time" levels.

      1. auburnman
        Thumb Down

        Re: Crap game

        No guns had lights unless you had the mod. Doom 3 was terribly formulaic, I seem to recall the lights went out almost every single time there was an encounter. Even when there was lighting it flickered on and off all the time so you just wound up with a headache. The whole fighting in the dark thing was so overused that it never had a chance to be scary, or anything other than irritating.

  8. Gordan

    MP COOP Mod?

    Will the old MP co-op mod still work? It was a pretty ingenious piece of work that made the game spawn a 1-team team-deathmatch game with the campaign as the "map".

  9. NoOnions

    Never jumped so high in fright before...

    Doom 3, headphones on, darkened room and next-door's black cat sneaking into my room and brushing up against my legs. I screamed like a girl and almost had a heart attack! Played a few levels a few weeks back - still has the power to shock me, even though I know what is coming (no cats though!)

    1. P. Lee

      Re: Never jumped so high in fright before...

      I thought D2 was more atmospheric especially with the Aliens mod.

      D3 was always a bit too dark (and yes, I'm rubbish at FPS) which made my eyes hurt.

      1. Mike Smith

        Re: Never jumped so high in fright before...

        'Twas the Alien Quake mod that did for my underkex. Playing alone in my flat, late at night with the lights off and headphones on. Very, very scary.

        One night I was playing when I suddenly heard something shouting behind me. Jumped up in terror and looked round to see the ceiling shaking.

        Thankfully, it was only the couple upstairs having their usual post-pub domestic.

    2. Liam O'Hagan

      Re: Never jumped so high in fright before...

      Indeed similar experience for me. Lights off, headphones on, girlfriend (now wife) sneaks in to room and brushes gently on the back of my neck at some appropriately spooky moment.

      I used to schedule my PC upgrades on id games releases. Built new PC's for Doom 2, Quake2, Quake 3 and Doom 3. Didn't bother for Quake 4, which is the last id game I bought...

  10. stucs201

    Almost tempted

    I never got round to buying this at the time (my computer was on the ancient side at the time), so I'd actually be tempted. Not sure about the changes though, I'm not sure DOOM is a formula that should be messed with.

    1. stucs201

      Re: Almost tempted

      Sorry to reply to my own post, fogot to add this as an example:

  11. NogginTheNog
    Thumb Up


    I spent hours playing the Dooms just like everyone else, but Quake (2) with proper up and down was when it finally hit the spot for me :-)

  12. SpaMster

    Arnt all these games vapourware now? meaning you can just download them for free if you really want to?

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      I think Quake was released under some flavour of open-source licence a few years back, so consider it 'donated', not 'abandoned'.

      AFAIK, 'vapourware' is a term for promised products that don't materialise (see DukeNukem Forever, which has proven itself not to be vapourware), and 'abandonware' is the term used when developers don't bother enforcing copyright through lack financial incentive.

    2. DrXym

      The game engines are free and released under the GPL. The game data is not free and you are supposed to buy the game properly even if you use the free engine.

  13. David Eddleman

    Well now...

    "an armour-mounted flashlight"

    Guess the devs realized that people really wanted the Duct Tape mod as that was hugely popular. Makes sense, don'tcha know.

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