back to article Unisys upgrades Libra mainframes with Xeon E5s

Intel has just upgraded its server processors with a slew of Xeon E5s this spring, and that means it is time for mainframe maker Unisys to start gussying up the Xeon-based variants in its ClearPath family. Unisys has two different families of mainframes in the ClearPath line. From its Burroughs heritage comes the Libra family …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Master control program OS

    If you are an avid reader who is interested in exotic stuff and computing history, better check the mcp article on wiki.

    As it costs millions of dollars potentially, like mainframe articles, it wasn't vandalized by "advertisement" claims.

    I thought plan 9 (which is the future) was interesting until I read about mcp.

    Its "initial" release being 1961 with the code of summer intern student Knuth should be a good teaser.

  2. M Gale

    Something I have to ask...

    Will the MCP be 2,415 times smarter after the upgrade?

    And where the hell is Flynn?

  3. David Beck

    Not to mention 36-bit ones complement data structure

    "The full Xeon line for MCP will happen sooner, but it will take a few more years to do it for OS 2200, which has a totally different I/O structure and which has some more demanding batch workloads."

    As the basic architecture of the 1100/ 2200 series is even less like the x86 than the B6500... structures, it's going to take them a while before they get to I/O system emulation.

    Check the 1100/2200 series wiki -

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