back to article Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified

Wireless charging was a key feature of Samsung's flagship Android blower when it was announced, but the replacement back plate it needs isn't on the shelves yet, so one brave soul has hacked a Palm Touchstone charger into the S3 case. Not that the hack uses the Samsung/Qualcomm-backed "Alliance for Wireless Power" standard, …


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  1. geekclick
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    I was kinda disapoint..

    Not to see wireless charging on the S3, it would have iced the cake for me!

  2. The Axe

    Just wait for the nutters to start popping out of the woodwork complaining that the energy from these charger devices is causing them headaches, nausea, dizziness, and other weird and wonderful psychosomatic symptoms. Next you'll have them campaigning for them to be made child-proof, such as no charger to be allowed in primary schools 'cause their "waves" can propogate through things so they must be able to travel some distance and into young kids heads.

    Ohh, I just thought of a nice line in protective headgear for these people. Just hand me my coat, it's the one with the tin foil in it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    im sure in 5 years time apple will invent this technology :)

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Don't you mean; I'm sure that in five years' time Apple will have invented this technology three years ago?

      "Rewriting history" is passé, it's "Retroactive IP portfolio management" now.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Only took a few posts

        Before someone brought Apple into it.

        Why did you feel the need to do that?

        How about discussing the article instead of childishly trying to hijack it into an anti-apple thread.

        The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone it doesn't need to be validated against any Apple product.

        1. Ammaross Danan

          Re: Only took a few posts

          Because Apple will bring themselves into it by attempting to sue Samsung over something about the S3, perhaps that they colored it white.

  4. Andydude


    I thought that the charging unit was just delayed until September...?

  5. petur
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    Also done on the Nokia N9

    Here's a link to something similar, done on a Nokia N9:

  6. ballist1x

    wireless misnomer

    yes it is technically wireless as there is no wire between the phone and the stone, but with it having to actually be connected/touching it is hardly an 'untethered' charging solution.

    chances are the mat has a wire going to it, and the pad is just the touchpoint like how tehcnically its a USB connector not a wire that goes into your current phone, the mat just replaces the USB connector...

    So is my current phone wirelessly charging?

    infact if you look here on the RHS and scroll down, you can see where the charging wire connects to the Pre inductive block...

    whats the difference between:

    Plug socket--> wire-->USB->inductive matt

    Plug sucket -->wire-->USB->phone

    apart from marketing speil?

    1. Simon Aspland

      Re: wireless misnomer

      The difference is, Instead of come home, find end of USB cable, try plugging it into phone, turn the usb connector around and try again (why do USB connectors not have an easy to see orientation? just a slight variation in the shape), you just come home and put phone on the stand/mat. No fiddling around with the USB cable.

      It's not a big difference, but it's enough to make it a desirable feature.

      1. Maxson

        Re: wireless misnomer

        So long as you also have a backup wire so that you don't have to rub your face on your desk to take a call while the phone is plugged in that's the best justification I've seen for these.

      2. Tom 35

        Re: wireless misnomer

        WAY back when I had a Motorola analogue flip phone it came with a charging doc. You had to put the phone in right side up, but it did the same thing your talking about without all the wireless junk.

        It seems they have dropped supplying docs with most things now to save a few cents so I expect charging mats to join docs in the cost cutting bin as soon as any novelty is worn out.

    2. Darryl

      Re: wireless misnomer

      Other difference I can see is efficiency loss introduced by adding another link to the chain. A very inefficient link at that.

  7. Tom 35
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    Wireless charging was a key feature


  8. ballist1x

    Alas the future is here, no more USB cable fiddling!

    Ofc they could just have designed a square USB connector block so it wasnt an issue putting it in any particular way...

    But no, to the future, we all now need magnetic wireless wired charging pads yay!

    1. Shonko Kid

      "so it wasnt an issue putting it in any particular way.."

      Except there is an issue. The same issue with putting batteries in the wrong way round.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It is a surprisingly wonderful feature

      IMHO one of the best features of the Palm phones & HP Touchpad is their support of inductive charging. It is SO handy to just drop the phone on the stand, lean the touchpad on it's stand (which then turns it into a photo frame or news feed display) and never fidget with a USB connector again.

      It really is surprisingly valuable - grab your phone 40X a day, never ever fiddle with a cable (ok, once)

  9. Chris 211

    Car Kits

    I would have thought wireless charging was better aimed at car kits/cradles for phones. Phones in cars are increasingly being used as SAT NAVs, replacing the TomTom etc. Navigating using your phone, keeping that screen on takes a lot of power and the last thing you want when you get to your destination is have an almost flat battery in your phone.

    So jump in the car, slide the phone in the slide holder, too me ages to find one, not have to worry about routing usb cables and plugging it in, as a permanent feature in your car you took time to route the charging cable so just the charging point shows. If its magnetic you don't need a holder!

  10. NozeDive

    It's been done.

    It's old tech.

    I had a (cheap) electric toothbrush that used induction to recharge the battery, and that was back in the 1990's.

    It had no cords or metal contacts at all — just a plastic body that fit inside a plastic charging cradle.

    Still, though, I'd love for my phone to have that feature.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: It's been done.

      AFAIK, for you to use the toothbrush style charger, you would need a hole in your phone. It requires a doughnut, sorry, toroidal shape.

    2. Fuzz

      Re: It's been done.

      this different in a lot of ways. my electric toothbrush charger uses around 1W of power whether or not it's charging (it's actually slightly more when not charging). The battery on the toothbrush takes over 12 hours to fully charge. Part of the charger fits around the toothbrush.

      The wireless power we're talking about here could (in the future) be built in to your coffee/bedside table, your desk, your car dashboard. Placing your phone on or near any of these surfaces would activate the charging circuit charging up your phone without you needing to worry about where you put the cable.

      Of course, until it is built in to existing surfaces it's actually worse than just plugging in a cable since the charging unit takes up more space. If that wasn't the case then desktop chargers would be popular.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So basically... half of a transformer in the charger, the other half on the phone backplate.

    How many patents are involved then?

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