back to article Mozilla teaches coding with new Thimble 'Webmaker'

Mozilla has released a web page creation editing tool that steps novice users through HTML and CSS. Dubbed “Thimble”, Mozilla bills the new tool a “webmaker”. While that term is cringeworthy, the two-paned web app is anything but. One pane offers raw HTML, with just a few basic tags. The other offers a WYSIWYG view of the HTML …


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  1. edge_e
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    just wanted to give that a big thumbs up

    that is all

  2. CaptSmegHead
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    Great for schools that can't afford dreamweaver.

    Well done mozilla.

    1. Crazy Operations Guy

      And for ones that can't

      Some of the worst sites I have seen were done in Dreamweaver where some of the best have been done with a plain-old text editor. So I wish every school used things like this to teach coding.

  3. Shane8


    Pint on me! Amazing stuff!

  4. Infidellic_

    Just why?

    Is it just me thinking that if they only valuable thing they've added is pre-done templates with lots of comments then why bother re-inventing the wheel? Why not simply create templates with comments for something like Maqetta?

    Does this even support HTML5 or just the plain old HTML/CSS combo's we've been seeing since the days of Geocities?

    1. Crazy Operations Guy

      Re: Just why?

      GeoShitties didn't support CSS, just HTML. Also, they are teaching HTML5, just not the advanced stuff that makes it different than HTML4.

  5. CN Hill

    What it seems to lack is a way for you to edit a webpage you already have on your hard disk.

  6. Bush_rat

    Sounds good

    Sure it's been done before, but does it really matter? The markup is the same regardless of the IDE, unless the IDE uses some Homebrew language, in which case it shouldn't be supported! At the moment HTML(let alone HTML5!) is taught terribly in the schools in my area,they refuse to use any browser other than IE, encourage bad habits and outdated tags like marque and for some reason decide to forgoe JavaScript and CSS because "It's too compllex". Complex my arse these are 7th graders! CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, IMHO are stupidly easy to grasp, JS is the most complex, by a small margin.

    Hopefully spoon-feeding them HTML5 will get them off their asses!

    1. Crazy Operations Guy

      Re: Sounds good

      I can see leaving JS for later, since its quite large and frankly, it should just go away. CSS on the other hand is very simple and even just using the basics and can make some very good websites.

    2. Old Handle

      Re: Sounds good

      I certainly hope they forgoe JavaScript. Too many people are using it make their entire sites nowadays, which needlessly slows down loading and reduces accessibility.

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