back to article Consumer Affairs Victoria says App Store contains malware

Consumer Affairs Victoria has claimed Apple's App Store houses "counterfeit or 'cloned' apps" that "look like real apps but don't have the same kind of security as those made by established software programmers" and "can expose personal data to malware or predatory, virus-like software which can be used to steal personal …


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  1. Andrew Jones 2

    Shock, Horror - you mean that Apple computers get viruses despite all the marketing that claims they don't? The App Store contains dodgy and potentially dangerous apps - despite the marketing that claims it doesn't?

    Bear in mind the Apple marketing machine has successfully managed to rewrite history and convince a large number of people that touchscreens and smartphones didn't exist before the first iPhone. Excuse me if I take everything the Apple Marketing machine says with a large handful of salt....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Your delusion is not shared by the rest of the world.

    2. sabba


      I don't recollect the article being about viruses (self propagating units of code). I thought it was about malware. Maybe I misread. :-)

  2. Arctic fox

    ".........selling Apple IDs for as little as AUD$33"

    The price suggests that obtaining such IDs on a fairly large scale is relatively easy. Rather more worrying than CAV's less than impressive command of tech terminology I would have thought.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why go to the trouble of trying to get malware into the App store and sandboxed devices when iTunes is a much larger and easier target.

    Hundreds of viruses trojans and key loggers are readily available, particularly for older Windows platforms like XP where people may have outdated anti viruses and no anti-trojan software.

    Apple has also been increasing security in iTunes recently, presumably due to increased fraud.

  4. Franklin

    "The consumer advocate then makes the claim that predatory software lurks in the App Store" [citation needed]

    It's possible, of course. A clever malware author can probably slip a malicious application past Apple's screening, with enough work.

    But until someone actually produces an example, I will tend to suspect that the iTunes IDs are being obtained in other ways. I generally receive one to two emails a month claiming to be from Apple and announcing that my iTunes account has been locked pending me clicking on a dodgy link to "confirm my identity." It's certainly plausible that the examples of compromised iTunes accounts are more down to this and other plain-Jane, garden-variety phishing than to a hypothetical malicious app in the app store.

    Like I said, it's possible that some malicious app exists out there...but claims like this require some sort of evidence if they're to be taken seriously.

  5. Mondo the Magnificent

    Hearsay.. that's all

    There's a lot of speculation in that Consumer Affairs Victoria report, but zero proof about these so called "cloned / counterfeit Apps" do actually exist.

    As Franklin stated, there are emails doing rounds claiming to be from iTunes asking you to reset your iTunes account password. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't reply to these, but some people do, thus providing the sharks with valid iTunes login credentials that "could" be sold on or more than likely used to purchase wares and Apps from the iTunes Store.

    Most tech savvy consumers would take this CAV warning with a pinch of salt, however the paranoid among society would avoid iTunes App Store like a plague and echo the warning to people they know.

  6. sabba

    It would have been nice...

    ...if she'd listed a few examples!!

    1. The First Dave

      Re: It would have been nice...

      Who is she anyway? Might have been nice to have some reference to her credentials.

  7. Confuciousmobil

    Like others have said..

    Obtaining Apple IDs can be done in many ways, the least likely of which is fake/counterfeit apps in the App store!

    Unless she can provide examples I would be very sceptical of anything she writes after such a poor report.

  8. ukgnome


    More apple bating pish and tish

  9. Erwin Hofmann
    Thumb Down

    big Apple is watching you ...

    ... but, of course, the article is already off line ... "Page not found" and "We are currently reviewing the content previously hosted on this page. We will update it when we can" ... big Apple is watching you ...

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