back to article T-Mobile outs low-cost mobile data roaming bundles

T-Mobile is the latest UK cellco to announce a revamp of imobile data roaming charges ahead of the introduction of Europe-wide billing rules on 1 July. The Everything Everywhere brand will offer customers the opportunity to buy "Travel Boosters" when they use their smartphones or 3G modems overseas. Smartphone owners can pick …


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  1. gautam

    Still expensive....

    In my opinion.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virtually the same as they've had for the past 2+ years when they had

    £1 for 3GB lasting 1 day

    £5 for 20GB lasting 7 days

    £10 for 50GB lasting 30 days

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      1. Refugee from Windows


        Not far enough mate. Charging you 100x what you can get in your own country still sounds like we're being ripped off royally.

    2. ElNumbre

      Glad you know..

      I was trying to figure out the difference, but then I've only ever bought the £10/50mb bundle in the last two years.

      Its a shame Three arn't in more places. I bought a data sim from the Irish Three last year which allowed you to use your data allowance on any other Three network in Europe. Very reasonabobble.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not really new

    Shame they don't offer this on the Orange brand - would have saved me having to faff about with swapping sims for data and checking messages last month. Good way to use a £10 payg sim obtained with cashback though.

  4. Lee Dowling Silver badge

    STOP accounting in Megabytes and I might actually bother to use my phone abroad.

  5. censored

    Non-EU prices still eye watering...

    £7.50 per MB outside the EU

    It's £1.50 per MB even in non-EEA countries like Iceland.

    Surely the costs to shunt data around the world are minimal these days?

  6. Admiral Grace Hopper Silver badge


    Having used a T-mobile data booster recently, only to receive a txt that read, "We're really sorry but we've charged you for roaming in the EU by mistake; we've fixed this and you'll see a full refund on your next bill", I am somewhat sanguine about their ability to get their systems lined up and talking to each other and actually make this happen.

    Their call centre operative was most helpful and got the errant charge removed before they took the payment, but that was still time and grief incurred by themupon me for their screw up.

    I wish there was another network that covered the valley in which I live *sighs*

    1. Soruk

      Re: Hmmmm

      > I wish there was another network that covered the valley in which I live *sighs*

      Virgin Mobile.

      Orange (can roam on to T-Mobile, and pay home network rates)

      #include <long_list_of_virtual_outfits_on_tmobile.h>

      1. Admiral Grace Hopper Silver badge

        Re: Hmmmm

        I thank you, but Virgin is Virgin and I still twitch with memories of the West Coast Main Line in the 1990s, while Orange == T-Mobile returns 0

        3 are the only carrier of whom I have never heard ill spoken, but their signal doesn't make it over the brow of the hill.

        1. Lee Dowling Silver badge

          Re: Hmmmm

          I think you're mistaken if you believe that any one company is better than the other.

          I've had horrendous experiences with Three, as have a lot of people I know. And it covers all areas - customer service, contracts, coverage, you name it.

          You can't pretend today that there's a magic company who'll solve all your problems forever. It's always a compromise of what experience you get personally. For me, Virgin have been wonderful for everything from phone, cable, mobile, etc. which is why I'm on them. Absolutely everyone I know whinges about them constantly but I can't say I've really had any trouble with them. T-Mobile were good to me for mobiles (and Virgin piggy-backs on their signal). But Three threatened to sue me for a phone that never arrived and friends with Three phones can't get a signal in many areas at all (T-Mobile, on the other hand, has given me a signal everywhere I've ever been, even in the Highlands). One of them, we joke because she always gets cut off 20 seconds into the conversation and we keep telling her to learn how to use a phone box. Orange had an horrendous reputation amongst my family, as do BT / O2.

          It's the same with everything - phones, broadband, banks, insurance companies, you name it. One lot of people will never touch them again and one lot will *only* consider them. And, depending on who you ask, where they live, what kind of house they live in, how stroppy they are to customer services, what date they joined, etc. you get different answers for what's best for them.

          Maintain your own personal blacklist, like I do, but eventually you'll find yourself on a company that everyone else keeps telling you are awful and you'll get nothing but good service out of them. I will never touch NatWest ever again on the basis of one incident years ago (who cares if they've changed - they had their chance and didn't want to know), and HSBC are fast pushing themselves out of consideration since they laughed (literally) the last time I asked them for a mortgage (and this was just before the mortgage crash, and we got a mortgage from the shop NEXT DOOR to our usual HSBC branch, at lower rates, we never missed a mortgage payment, and ended up paying it off after three years at profit to us and them... who's laughing now?) and I deliberately went and wasted an hour of their manager's time because they charged me for one of those "your cheque cleared a microsecond after the payment you made three days after you handed the cheque in" moments (they refused to tell me if I'd cost them more than the "fine" they imposed for their slow systems to process a cheque in the modern age, so I stayed another 20 minutes just to make sure).

          My girlfriend hated HSBC, so she moved to Halifax but my feelings weren't strong enough to do that, and Halifax are being a bit of a pain but are much nicer to her. But I guarantee I can find people who've gone the other way for similar reasons.

          If you want to see if a company is worth it, use them. Personally, my best ever ISP service came from PlusNet, but I had innumerable problems with BT (and, strangely, BT owned PlusNet for the last three years before I moved onto Virgin - not for any problem I had with PlusNet). My best mobile service comes from Virgin, better even than the T-Mobile that they use as a backend (how is that possible?). I've worked my way through most of the major banks over the years and still not found one I "like", just one I can tolerate.

          Ignore what others have said. Seriously. Otherwise you become like my ex-father-in-law who thought that anything that Which magazine recommended must be the best thing ever and would pay literally 5-10 times the price necessary to get the exact model they recommended OF EVERYTHING. Still, he had a never-ending range of problems with them, but he never saw that.

          Get yourself a SIM of the other networks on PAYG (hell, they're £1 each now, if that, and most will post you a few free ones). Judge for yourself. Pick the winner.

  7. dotdavid


    "Smartphone owners can pick 3, 10 or 50MB bundle for £1, £2.50 and £10, respectively"

    That's very reasonable. I can't believe they can afford to offer these sort of rates - the other operators must be ripping us off comple.... oh, wait, you're saying MEGAbytes?

    Nevermind then.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    T-Mobile customers already had this..

    For the past several years I have been able to pay £5 for 20MB and it stopped working and text me what it was used up. Very pleased with that setup.

    1. Admiral Grace Hopper Silver badge

      Re: T-Mobile customers already had this..

      ... right up until the moment when they charge you for roaming on top of the paid-for data (see above).

  9. Dave Fox
    Thumb Down

    Not really new at all

    As has been previously stated, this isn't really new at all. I've been using the TMo £10 for 50mb for a couple of years now using a prepaid SIM for most of the period as I'd already shifted to Three for unlimited "domestic" data.

    The new Three £5 per day unlimited is much better though IMO - travelling for business for 3 days, I'd often consume the 50mb within a day and have to cough up another £3.

  10. Benjamin 4

    I think the law should be they can charge 15% over standard rates only. That's enough to negotiate with a local carrier, anymore than that is daylight robbery. And you wouldn't have to buy an add on they would just add 10-15% to your normal bill that month.

  11. Tezfair

    what would be nice

    What I have been looking for is a stick with say 1gb of data and no time limits. So many times I could have done with data but at twice a year there's no point in having something that expires after a month.

    Tethering is not always an option.

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