back to article Hardy handymen handed handy hardened handheld hardware

Fife council has pushed ahead with its mobile working plans by issuing building services staff with Motorola-built handheld devices to receive job instructions. A number of frontline staff have been using mobile phones to receive information for carrying out scheduled repairs and maintenance in council homes and non-domestic …


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  1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Ha ha, Hack Has Hilarious Headline!

    couldn't resist

  2. Ben Liddicott

    Better, Reg Headline Dept.

    In fact pretty good - back on form.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Better, Reg Headline Dept.

      Back of the net!

      1. Graham Marsden
        Thumb Up

        Re: Better, Reg Headline Dept.

        I didn't even read the article, I just loved the sub-heading!

  3. Elmer Phud

    cheaper by the dozen

    Expected (pie in sky from beancounters) savings as a result of equipping plod with Blackberry

    £125 million

    Actual savings so far


    (no doubt the 'savings' had already been allowed for in future budgets and now are returned as a shortfall)

  4. James Pickett

    Too difficult to text them, then, on ordinary cheap mobiles? Not what the consultants recommended, I suppose...

  5. Lockwood

    Which took longer, comingup with the article copy text or coming up with the article headline?

  6. Blubster

    Help ma Boab!

    "It [mobile phone solution] allowed the council to try the concept of a mobile solution and demonstrate some frontline benefits, but it requires a larger back office support to run with back office staff taking verbal information from the operative and inputting into back office systems," Allan Barclay, service manager for building services at Fife, told Guardian Government Computing.

    "The full solution would capture data inputted direct from the frontline device capturing job info and time management and removing the need for manual involvement."

    They even speak management shite in Bonny Scotland - if that crock of shit isn't bad enough, imagine it in a Glaswegian accent.

    1. The First Dave

      Re: Help ma Boab!

      Fife != Glasgow

      Opposite sides of the country, actually.

      1. Blubster

        Re: Help ma Boab!

        Yes I know, that's why I said IMAGINE that in a Glasgow accent - management speak is bad enough on it's own but Glasgow Gorbals Gobbledygook? Good grief.

        1. John 110

          Re: Help ma Boab!

          Whit's wrang wi a Glasgae accent? Can yir mammy sew, ye bampot ye?

  7. Ross K

    Ha ha

    A change to council employees' work practices? They must have been paid handsomely for the inconvenience of having to learn the new system...

    The Plod/Blackberry farce has been mentioned already, so I'll leave it there other than to say the government has already paid for TETRA.

    Actually, no I won't. Fife council are arseholes. I suggest they ring their neighbours in the Highland Council and ask them how to go about using TETRA seeing as it does voice AND data.

    Wait a minute, did someone say Motorola? Maybe someone should have asked them about TETRA seeing as they roll it out all over the planet?

  8. Stuart johnson

    So whats so special?

    Ok, well done Fife. Super. Only. The rest of the world started using computers years ago. I was putting these motorollas out to Housing Repair operatives ('workmen') two years ago to enable them to do the end to end ticket/job management. In a small housing association in West Norfolk. Why on earth has this even made a news article? Is it because that concept hasnt reached Scotland? I find that hard to believe. Tesco have managed most of it for the last ten years!

    Nice headline tho...

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