back to article 'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks

Special ammunition optimised for fighting zombies is selling like hot cakes in the USA, according to reports, following sensational media coverage of incidents involving flesh-eating and similar undead-esque behaviour. In particular, fears of an imminent zombie plague were stoked by the recent case of Rudy Eugene. The 31-year- …


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  1. Jeebus

    The dead have risen, and are voting Republican.

    1. Zombie Womble

      That explains why zombies don't attack each other, Republican voters have no brains.

      1. Figgus

        I'd have pegged them as Democrats, because they have to live off the brains of others.

        1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

          But they are PROGRESSIVE zombies. Which is, not the REGRESSIVE zombie kind from Haiti.

        2. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Americans are like they are..... Brain dead and gullible.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        unlike Brits, who are often drunk and usually chavy.

    3. laird cummings

      Not in Philadelphia, they're not!

      The Democratic Machine in Philly always manages to find just enough superseded voters to tip the balance in their favor - no matter who is running.

    4. Tom 13

      It is well documented that the dead vote mostly in Chicago and NYC

      which makes them Democrats.

  2. Dan Paul

    Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

    I for one, welcome our Zombie Threat Destroying Ammunition Overlords. Thankfully, here in the good old USA, we can still legally own enough semi-automatic firepower to take down a small local Zombie outbreak.

    BTW, Shotguns can fire "Slugs" as well as "Shot". For Zombie headshots, I suggest slugs as they are larger in diameter than any regular rifle bullet . Should take the head clean off. You know what they say... One Shot, One Kill.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: One shot, one kill

      You are dead come Z-Day

      Double-tap always

      1. Rob Dobs

        Re: One shot, one kill

        While I would agree, double tap is the rule for normal bullets and weapons.

        However, as the previous poster pointed out, a 12 gauge sized slug will leave NO head left to speak off....

        No need to double tap... a headless zombie is a dead zombie.

        As Shotgun slugs are extremely large and heavy, if you go wasting your ammo shooting a second empty bullet into the space where they head used to be, you will much quicker run out of ammo, and that much quicker join the zombie horde. Waste your ammo if you want to, but If you do it right the first time no need to double-tap.

      2. Dan Paul

        Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

        Okay, I saw the movie and I have the book (Zombie Survival Guide) BUT in lieu of a fully automatic .223, a decent shotgun is really effective. I was thinking of you Brits anyway since you'll have to nip down to the "Club" to steal some bluebloods shotgun since you don't have easy access to any firearms. Either that or you need axes and swords.

        Oh and yes, slugs are for rifled barrels though ALL shot gun shells use a sabot or "shoe" to hold the slug or the shot until it leaves the barrel.

        A 12 gauge .50 caliber slug (12.7 mm) that weighs an ounce or more WILL TAKE YOUR FRIKKIN HEAD CLEAN OFF from 50 yards. The federal gubermint says anything larger that shoots a single "bullet" is a "destructive device" making it illegal in most states.

        Double tap with an itty bitty 9mm and YOU are dead on Z Day. Cardio and Shotguns are best for immediate survivability.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

          Look at the responses and then you wonder why Americans are not known for their sense of humour.

          We brits just look at the double tap response and laugh if we get the reference.

          You yanks just start with 'actually what you need is a x gauge x calibre etc etc because yyyyyy'

          We know it would take the head off, we don't need it explaining and we know what a joke is.

          1. Dan Paul

            Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)


            It seems a sense of humor would be required by BOTH parties. Didn't you see my first icon was the Troll?????? I'm sitting here laughing my cohjones off, looking at all the responses from the first post, let alone the second.

            I got the reference before I even posted, I knew the Seal Sniper motto "One Shot, One Kill" would immediately draw the Double Tap rule from Zombieland.

            Since Brit's are not educated in the ways of armaments (or humor apparently), describing the size and weight of a shotgun slug for comparisons sake seems de rigeuer. I was waiting for the sterotypical penile size comparisons to begin.

            You must remember Lewis (Page), "This is a Rifle, this is a Gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun."

            Really A.C. your knickers are really in a bunch, get some baby powder.

            To El Reg, can we PLEASE have a "Sarcastic Bastard" icon now???? I feel I have to give some kind of early warning now.

            1. PatientOne

              Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)


              Some of us Brits are well aware of the way of armaments, be it firearms, archaic weaponry or improvised weapons.

              You talk of using a shotgun. Here, that's a maximum of two shots before you have to reload, so you'd best hope you are not facing a hoard of Zombies. Me, I'd opt for... combination harvester, road roller, JCB or some other form of large, heavy, mobile plant (no, not a triffid, I'm talking construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, military vehicles or other rugged transport. Heck a bus is just as good so long as you don't stop to let the zombies on!). Good for alien invaders, good for Zombies. Only limitation is fuel, which should last longer than ammo supplies, plus you gain the benefit of being able to escape the scene for a breather.

              On the other hand, I do like that people are buying the ammunition just because of the packaging and not because they have a gun: It explains where you'll get more ammo while you're fighting your way through office blocks to face the end of level mega-zombie! (See, even an IT reference :p )

              1. Fred Mbogo

                Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

                You are aware of the existence of semiautomatic shotguns, aren't you?

                Such arms can hold up to 7 shells. It would be intelligent to include a sidearm so you can defend yourself while you flee to a secure location to reload.

                If Resident Evil has taught me anything, its that mobility is your best defense. Keep moving at all times, don't try to fight more than 5 zombies at the same time, and if an attractive lady with a miniskirt shows up, carrying a grenade launcher, follow her.

                Mine's the one with the Umbrella logo in the back.

                1. PatientOne

                  Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

                  @Fred Mbogo

                  I am well aware of the various forms of shotgun, and in the array of strange and unusual weapons being produced each year along with normal firearm development.

                  However, here in the UK, we have some rather strict gun laws. A shotgun license allows a shotgun with a maximum of three rounds (single barreled, one round loaded, two in a magazine, pump or semi-automatic only, not automatic loading), but most common shotguns sport two barrels, each individually loaded. Ownership of shotgun cartridges also requires a shotgun license - you can't just buy ammunition if you feel like it.

                  Yes, it is possible to obtain a shotgun that holds more rounds, but this requires a firearms license instead, and is much harder to obtain.

                  So, in practical terms, in the UK we're limited to the twin barreled shotgun, hence we are limited to two shots. I hope that clears things up for you.

              2. Tom 13

                Re: You talk of using a shotgun.

                So sorry, we keep forgetting you Brits had your gun rights castrated so long ago.

                This side of the pond unless you are using a double-barrel you pretty much have to ADD a plug to meet the shot limit for duck season. And banana clip and drums are available if you want to avail yourself of the appropriate Zombie fighting armaments.

          2. John 104

            Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

            Strange comment, considering that the double tap joke was from Zombieland, a US film.... and most of us get the joke without getting all geek on ammo. :)

          3. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Americans are not known for their sense of humour.

            I disagree. We can just keep it up longer than you do. And it frustrates the hell out of you that we can.

        2. Jean-Luc

          Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

          You seem to have forgotten that one of the primary drivers to move to 5.56 mm ammo, as opposed to 7.62 mm, was to reduce ammo weight.

          Come Z day, I'd trade a light 9 mm way over a, what, 50 cal HMG, sorry sniper rifle round. Of which you will only be able to carry so much, in the midst of the endless zombie hordes. & like you're really gonna be aiming for 800+ yds killshots on zombies through a 20x scope lens, with perhaps some bolt action to spice things up.

          Then again, I unfortunately live in a country with limited gun access.

          Guess you're right, I am dead on Z day. Until then, I tend to worry a whole less about carjackings than your countrymen seem to ;-)

        3. Fibbles

          Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

          "I was thinking of you Brits anyway since you'll have to nip down to the "Club" to steal some bluebloods shotgun since you don't have easy access to any firearms. Either that or you need axes and swords."

          As a brit come z day I'll be kitted out with a full suit of plate armour and a chainsaw. Petrol is a lot easier to get over here than gun ammo.

          1. Sir Runcible Spoon

            Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

            Not sure about the plate-mail, but a chainsaw ftw!

            Plus home made flamethrower for the side-kick

      3. Tom 13

        Re: You are dead come Z-Day

        Hornady Zombie Max Ammo, Double tapping with a single shot to increase your defensive rate of fire!

    2. jai

      Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

      Rule #2: Double-tap

    3. sisk

      Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

      Even with slugs shotguns aren't exactly accurate in my experience. That may just be the shotgun I had, but I still had a fairly unimpressive grouping with them when I shot targets. I am a pretty decent shot with both pistols and rifles, but shotguns are built on the 'fill the area with lead' mentality with slugs as an afterthought. I certainly wouldn't trust my life to my ability to reliably hit headshots with a shotgun slug. Better to get a 9mm: better accuracy, similar range, easier to handle (for unexperienced shooters at least) and much lighter, more compact ammo.

      Not that it really matters since the zombie apocolypse is at best a thought exercise and at worst a case of mass hysteria.

      1. Ogi

        Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

        Surely if you want accuracy with slugs you'd want a rifled barrel in the shotgun? I don't know if they make them, or if it helps with slugs, but as a thought experiement (as you nicely put it).

        All the shotguns I've used are smoothbore, but I'm sure someone somewhere tried to rifle one (CBA to google it now, on way back from work).

        1. Ogi

          Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

          Heh, looks like it has been done:

          (I'm stuck on the tube, at least there is signal...)

        2. laird cummings

          RE: rifled barrel in the shotgun

          Some slug guns have rifled barrels, but that's generally not necessary. Use rifled slugs, instead.

          From my old Beretta 1200FP, I could place five-for-five in a patch the size of palm of my hand at 100 yards - Not precisely tack-driving, but more than sufficient to the need.

        3. No, I will not fix your computer

          Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

          Yea, they make 'em and use sabots as well (a kind of slug) and they're far more accurate, that said, a bit of tumble on a larger slug will make a larger hole (if you hit).

    4. No, I will not fix your computer
      Thumb Up

      Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

      >>You know what they say... One Shot, One Kill.

      Well, they might say that, but they've moved over to semi automatics and like when they took out the pirates, there were more shots than kills. Besides, slugs? nahhh... i'd want frag12's :-)

    5. Smallbrainfield

      Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

      While you are all being eaten after your weapons jam / cricket bats split, I will be riding around in my Zombine Harvester.

    6. Michael Dunn

      Re: Mmmm, Hollow Point Zombie Bullets..... The cure to "Bath Salt" zombies everywhere.

      Sorry, I don't understand this business about "slugs" =\- do you mean a single bulet fired from a 12-bore? I thought shotguns were choked, so how does the bullet get out?

      Where's the "naive idiot" icon?

  3. Mechman


    A-Max ammunition is actually for competition target shooting, not for people.

    1. Ian Ferguson

      Re: A-Max

      Why would you want hollowpoints for target shooting?

      1. Mechman

        Re: A-Max

        Because weight distribution.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: A-Max

        As a non-gun-nut I'd rather assumed the reason for hollow-points for target shooting was that they had less ricochet potential.

    2. Frederic Bloggs

      Re: A-Max

      The USP is probably that being essential hollow points they mushroom on hitting the target; so making a bigger hole; so being more likely to "clip the line" if one's aim is slightly off. Good luck with that. Pity there is no ASA in the US of A to say: "prove they work". I suspect that NRA would ban them if they did.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: A-Max

        "hollow points they mushroom on hitting the target"

        Hopefully not; surely? Aren't targets made of paper? Even a GSS won't break up on going through that!

  4. Ian Ferguson


    Look at their website - especially the promo video and accompanying blurb - and you'll notice that they carefully avoid mention of zombified people. Instead they show CGI zombie creatures of some kind and talk about 'Zombie Varmints'.

    There's a minor possibility that it's for some minor legal reason, but I think it's because these bullets are of NO USE in a real zombie outbreak, and they're covering themselves. Back to the drawing board.

    The current zombie-fighting instrument of choice appears to be the crossbow. Silent (to avoid attracting further zombies), deadly accurate and recoverable (ideal for a low-ammo situation). See Dead Rising for reference.

    1. Cosmo

      Re: "Varmints"

      To be fair, if there is a mass zombie outbreak, then facing legal action because their zombie bullets don't halt zombies would be the least of everybody's problems!!!

    2. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Re: "Varmints"

      Crossbows suffer from slow reload and limited ammo capacity though - no use against a horde. For this sort of situation, the preferred weapon of choice is the lawnmower (cf. Brain Dead)

      1. I think so I am?

        Re: "Varmints"

        No...No...NO...... a canoe paddle with two chainsaw's on the ends.

        I tell you when the dead rise I wont be left for dead....

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "Varmints"

          I think it is probably something to do with not being allowed to advertise things that are intended to kill people.

  5. jai

    LPs make good ranged weaponry, although aiming can be an issue. (Dire Straits and the Batman Soundtrack, not Purple Rain or the Stone Roses)

    Also, the humble Swingball set can be put to great use - assuming you utilise the correct end.

  6. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Alternate Article Title...

    Dum-dums buying dum-dums...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Alternate Article Title...


      Dum-Dums have a problem: They stop and ask for directions...

  7. Desk Jockey

    Go backwards

    Use of personal arms should only be limited to targetting individual zombies. A heavy, short range slug is far more useful than a long ranged streamlined one in the hands of a panicky human! Blatting away at a horde is not the best of ideas...

    Typical Americans, always thinking the hi-tech solution is the answer. Just have a 12 pounder cannon, double shot it with a cannon ball and grapeshot combination and let loose at the horde at very close range. No aiming required apart from a pistol round to the head for the survivors. Sometimes the old ways are the best!

    1. Frederic Bloggs

      Re: Go backwards

      chains would work well here

    2. laird cummings

      Re: Go backwards

      Too far backwards - 12-pounders take too long to reload. I do rather like the chainshot option, though. :D

      No - what you want is a nice old French 75mm model 1897. With cannister. 15 rounds per minute - aimed. Can easily be served by four persons (your typical family, for instance), and can be reasonably served by three, or even two in a pinch. Highly portable, fairly compact, will easily fit in a typical suburban garage, or in a larger garden shed. Doesn't even require motor transportation, for short-distance moves.

    3. Tom 13

      Re: 12 pounder cannon

      While it is true that the 12 pounder cannon provides superior clearing capabilities, it is neither sufficiently mobile, nor does it have sufficient reload speed to be useful in an SZA (Sustained Zombie Assult). For maximum survivability the semi-automatic shot gun equipped with an ammo drum just can't be beat.

  8. wowfood

    Whenever I read dum-dums my bind goes to In Bruge.

    On the topic of best zombie fighting weapon? Best offense is a good defense. And best defense is a good offense. Gotta get some decent armor anywhere you're likely to be bitten, that's a leather jacket, gloves, shin pads, and steel toecap boots, preferably jeans also since leather slacks are a pain.

    That way you can get up nice and close to them without worrying too much. That would be when the good ol' axe comes into play. Good for taking off limbs and heads.

    Of course you don't want them to get that close in the first place, so I'd agree to a crossbow being useful too.

    Sadly in the UK its pretty much impossible to get hold of a firearm (legally) but it is possible to get hold of a crossbow (sort of) hence my choices.

    1. laird cummings

      ...decent armor...

      Firefighters' bunker gear.

      Tough, thick, and pretty much gnaw-proof.

    2. seven of five

      Motorcycle Leather + MX helmet (better ventilation) and MX boots. Looks odd, but is fairly comfy, reasonable safe and easy to get hold of.

      1. Csharpened

        Try running in MX boots. Good luck with that.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @ seven of five

        * REASONABLY safe

    3. The First Dave

      Forget the crossbow - a compound bow has perfectly adequate knock-down capability, and a MUCH greater rate of fire than a crossbow. PLus, if the vampires rise rather than zombies, it is really easy to switch to silver-tips, or just go for plain wooden shafts - try doing that with a 50-cal!

  9. Tringle


    Now this is what successful marketing is all about.

  10. Dave 62

    Melee weapons..

    Anyone who argues that firearms are not the appropriate means is an idiot, using melee weapons opens you up to infection, not only are you more vulnerable to bites but the spatter of infected blood onto open wounds could transmit the infection and in a lawless and crumbling zombie apocalypse world you will pick up cuts and scrapes, be it from smashing shop windows to gather the delicious loot within or scrambling over walls to escape the rogue military seeking guineapigs to study the infection.

    The correct tactic is to maintain distance when possible.

    That said fire, without the arms, is a viable alternative and everyone loves setting fire to things.

    Then there's electricity. You may not be able to neutralise an undead threat by stopping it's heart but you can burn away tissue and electricity is pretty. An anti-intrusion grid surrounding your compound would keep them at bay, provided you can keep it fed.

    As a last resort you can indeed get very small shotgun rounds for pistols but they're not much use beyond 7-8m.

    1. sisk

      Re: Melee weapons..

      the spatter of infected blood onto open wounds could transmit the infection

      Or into the eyes or mouth or don't even need to be wounded. Actually, the whole melee weapon thing is one of the things of the list of zombie apocalypse survival techniques that will get you killed.

      Other highlights include looting gun stores (gun store owners generally know how to use the guns and aren't squemish about using them to defend thier property) and setting a building up as a fortress (zombies don't need to eat, drink, or sleep and don't suffer from fatigue so trying to lock them out and outlast them is pretty stupid as a long term solution).

    2. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Re: Melee weapons..

      "That said fire, without the arms, is a viable alternative and everyone loves setting fire to things."

      Sure, if you prefer fighting burning zombies to fighting the regular type. World War Z teaches us that this is a bad idea.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Melee weapons..

      "Anyone who argues that firearms are not the appropriate means is an idiot"

      Or lives in the UK, where they don't fall off trees.

      I'm torn between the clear practicality of wearing mail and a respirator, and the need to run away.

      My need for comfort wins out over any survival instinct, though. So I'd probably just have a respirator hand and wear light but fully covering clothing. And stick to weapons that are easy to use in close quarters, but not *too* messy. Something with a good edge, rather than blunt.

      Hmmm... Maybe I should get onto one of those fantasy sword shops and design them a zombie killing sword to cash in on this...

      1. Dave 62

        Re: Melee weapons..

        While we may not have easy access to firearms I know a junk shop near me stock full of air pistols and rifles, right there in the window and I doubt the proprietor would put up much of a fight when I smash through in a riot van borrowed from the cop shop down the road (I don't think there's much in the way of firearms out of this station but if I can get inside I may as well grab some tasers and CS while I'm there).

        Pellets won't do much damage to a van either. I like my chances.

        Now that I have some means of defending myself (or offending others as it were) I can go to the big station where there are more likely to be some real guns not to mention some proper armour (i.e. mail is stupid, stupid) As for respirators I think a sars-mask would be adequate, I find full respirators restrictive. Of course I don't intend to get close enough to inhale infected spray but I guess it's best to be careful.

        1. neb
          Thumb Up

          Re: Melee weapons..

          simples, neptunic sharksuit, decent lowa's and a riot helmet for defense

          for offence either my two and a half foot FuBar Utility Bar in the garage or i also like the Gator Machete Pro as used on the docu-history drama "walking dead". that'd do till i could get down the local TA centre and raid its armoury on the way up to caerphilly castle,

          not that i've thought about this much. honest guv'nor the missus doesn't have instructions to chop out the stairs if we have an infestation of romero slow walkers, if its the fast fukcers though we're all done mind..

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Iowa's what?

            see title

    4. The Flying Dutchman

      Firearms are for wimps...

      My old Precision Bass has a decal that says:

      "This instrument kills fascists *and zombies*"

      'nuff sed.

  11. sisk


    I've seen the whole 'zombie apocalypse in Florida' thing in the news, but I've been taking it as a joke and giving it a good chuckle. Sure, I have a zombie apocalypse kit as recommended by the CDC, but really it's just a general emergency kit in case a tornado rips through town or the local river suddenly rises 20 or 30 feet. I would suggest anyone who takes this thing seriously enough to go out and buy special ammo get their heads examined as such a person would seem to have trouble seperating fantasy from reality.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Seriously?

      Brave words - I hope you do cardio

    2. Gav

      Re: Seriously?

      My thoughts exactly.

      It's been a good laugh and everything, but the whole "let's treat zombies as a real-life threat" joke has gotten old.

      Zombies are not real. Anyone found eating another's face is just a common garden crazy person. They are not a zombie. If you are buying real bullets to shoot zombies, then you are also a crazy person who shouldn't own a gun. I am far more concerned about meeting you than I am about meeting a zombie.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Seriously?


        How do we know you are not one of them trying to keep us from buying ammo for effective defense?? How many Reg readers are now going to be zombified because they believed you, and like they say: "when seconds count, help (the ammo store) is minutes away"?

      2. F111F

        Zombies ARE Real....

        And they're everywhere...

        See definition 2.a

    3. pcsupport

      Re: Seriously?

      Ah, you mean Americans and computer hackers / nerds!

    4. John 104

      Re: Seriously?

      Are you seriously thinking that people are buying zombie ammo to kill zombies? Seriously?

  12. Andy Miller


    Dust off and nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Sure

      Absolutely! Nuke 'em till they glow then shoot them in the dark.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unless you're one of the following

    a) in the wilderness blowing the brains out of some furry critters for fun and/or profit ( not great but some people like it doing it )

    b) big on properly organised and controlled target shooting

    c) holding up banks ( fun and/or profit I suppose! )

    d) in law enforcement stopping aforementioned tooled up bank robbers

    The only other reason to own a gun is because you're some retarded, emotionally stunted, penile envious deviant who feels the only way they can prove their gutless, pitiful worth in life is by jamming the barrel of some cold-steel up another poor human beings snout!

    1. Don Jefe

      Unless you're one of the following:

      a) Pansy

      b) Weeping Vagina

      c) Total Pansy

      d) Anonymous Coward

      There's no reason not to have a gun.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        "Unless you're one of the following:

        a) Pansy

        b) Weeping Vagina

        c) Total Pansy

        d) Anonymous Coward

        There's no reason not to have a gun."

        Actually, I would say anyone who has the desire to own a gun, shouldn't own a gun. Bunch of redneck pricks the lot of yer.

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Anonymous Coward

      You've led a sheltered life

      e) because you want to.

      f) because you lived through the Watts (or any other) riots, or know someone who didn't

      Actually, I'm not retarded, emotionally stunted, or a penile envious deviant, and what's the point of sticking a gun in someone's mough unelss you're using their head as a silencer?

    3. sisk

      You forgot one:

      e) Concerned about the possibility of being attacked by a some retarded, emotionally stunted, penile envious deviant who feels the only way they can prove their gutless, pitiful worth in life is by jamming the barrel of some cold-steel up another poor human beings snout.

  14. ukgnome

    I'm more of a tower defence kind of guy.

    Already have planned how to block off my stairwell, and I also have at least 2 weeks of food in the house.

    My plan involves waiting it out for a couple of weeks and then firing up the motor and getting the hell out of dodge. Of course some of you might think the sitting and waiting method is a bit fool hardy. And i have to agree to some extent. But with all the zombie madness outside I can safely say the first week would be almost impossible to survive if you left the house. Much better to wait it out and let the bulk of the Z heads meander to the next feeding station.

  15. NomNomNom

    this is just going to fuel yet another zombie-human arms race that ultimately no-one wins

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm with Muddy Waters

    "I got an axe handle pistol on a graveyard frame,

    Shoots tombstone bullets, and a ball and chain."

    That'll stop 'em

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reavers ain't men

    They are Reavers, not zombies.

  18. Elmer Phud

    Sod this for a lark

    You lot do the manly thing and stay to shoot at them, I'll do my Rincewind impression and go in the other direction.

    1. Sly

      Re: Sod this for a lark

      problem with that is you will eventually be surrounded... then what?

      1. richardcox13

        Re: Sod this for a lark

        Unleash The Luggage of course.

  19. Deadlock Victim
    Black Helicopters

    And this is why... in Las Vegas we have a shop called the "Zombie Apocalypse Store"

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I for one... in Blighty, own 3x shotguns and have a plan to barricade myself in my house for a month with a goodly supply of Calor gas, food etc (and the trusty generator if the power goes out), then go find a nice island off the coast of Cornwall/Devon/Wales which I can easily cleanse and then survive off the land until such time as the crisis is over.

  21. KrustyKanuck

    Welcome to canada

    This is a Canadian style survival kit .... the strange thing is that they only offer 40 shots hmmmmm

    1. Chimp

      Re: Welcome to canada

      It's in .223, bolt action and a four round mag....

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Welcome to canada

        I believe the word I was searching for is ... uh ... "stupid".

        Talk about separating fools from their money!

  22. Hombre sin nombre

    The stuff is flying off the shelves because it is identical to Hornady's standard self-defense loadings but is selling for $5 less per box.

    1. Don Jefe

      Correct + Scatter Guns

      That was my first thought! I used to go to Arizona every year and shoot Prairie Dogs and always used Hornady rounds. The fact the 'anti-zombie' stuff is so much cheaper makes me feel a little bit ripped off.

      For self defense pistol ammo I always use the Speer Gold Dot .45ACP but that's not good for critters , crackheads, zombies, or douchey software developers unless you're already being eaten by them.

      There's not much that will withstand a large bore shotgun blast at short(ish) ranges. At 7 feet a COTS 12 Gauge bird round will make a 1.5' diameter hole completely through a car door and tear up the seat and dash too. No need for special ammo for zombies if you're going to use a shotgun.

      1. Dan Paul
        Thumb Up

        Re: Correct + Scatter Guns

        Hornady is good stuff usually so I hope they are not cheaping out with crummy powder or reduce the size of the load to reduce the price.

        The "Zombie Killer" ammo promotion is a great excuse for a sale. Seems that it may eventually become a collectors item some day because of the graphics on the box. Just look at what early 1900 ammo posters go for.

        BTW, does anyone understand that the whole "Zombie" thing is kind of a tongue in cheek reference to "undesirables" of just about anykind, especially those that show up at your bunker or compound in Wyoming or Idaho looking for handouts after this whole shell game of an economy collapses?

  23. Martin 71 Silver badge

    As any fool kno:

    The correct defence (en-US defense) against zombies is to surround one's homestead with treadmills.

    Mine's the one with the gym membership in the pocket.

    1. P. Lee

      Re: As any fool kno:

      Plus you get free electricity for recharging your tablet, which you'll need when the fools at the electricity company try defending the place with guns.

      When you need more electricity for cooking (or powering up your old G5), just play a zumba track.

  24. John 104

    RE: Bootnote

    Missed the boat on this one. The plastic insert is NOT for streamlining the round. The point of the insert is to allow uniform expansion of the round upon impact. If you look at the difference between straight hollow points vs nosler style rounds you can see the benefit. A typical hollow point usually expands in an irregular manner or fragments on entry. The nosler style provides a wider expansion, maximizing target damage.

    /ammo nerd hat off

    now, where is my Glock...Time to go kill some zombie.

  25. tekHedd

    We're not really sure what stops zombies...

    The problem is that you don't really know what exactly will cause the zombie apocalypse. Will you need deep penetration or an expanding round? That's why I'm partial to Doubletap Ammo's 10mm "Equalizer" round.

    Still, a machete only needs occasional sharpening and doesn't need reloading.

  26. Steven Roper

    Did nobody spot this?

    “I mean, I’ve heard of guys who buy it just because they think the packaging is cool and they set it on their cube and they don’t even own a gun,”...

    I mean, what kind of workplace (other than a gun shop!) would allow you to display a box of LIVE FUCKING AMMUNITION around the office? Jesus, the 'Elf 'n' Safety mob would have a fucking field day, not to mention the cops hauling your arse down the station for endangering the public or enabling terrorism or something.

    But then, I live in the Nanny-State Commonwealth of Ausfailia, where we have many people similar to the pathetic hand-wringing AC @ 11th June 2012 16:05 above, and where such behaviour would indeed create a major scandal. I'm guessing in American offices you can stack boxes of bullets 20 deep beside the coffee machine and nobody would bat an eye...

    1. Marcel Esser

      Re: Did nobody spot this?

      Storing bullets is about 10,000 times safer than storing, say, turpentine.

      As a matter of fact, stand still, and I will throw bullets at you all day long. If one of them goes off, I will give you my house.

    2. jake Silver badge

      Re: Did nobody spot this?

      When I was at DEC, my Boss & I often went trap or skeet shooting at Los Altos Rod & Gun during our lunch break. On the occasional Saturday, when we came in early in the morning to do destructive testing without scaring hoi poloi, we often did some combat shooting at the local police range with the Palo Alto & Mountain View police Chiefs, sometimes followed by trap and or skeet at the same range ... We both carried the shotguns and handguns, and ammo, into work just off University Avenue in Palo Alto (rather than leave them in the car). The weapons were locked into gunracks on our office walls, and the ammo was in a locked file drawer. The racks & file cabinets were bolted to the steel wall studs. We carried the keys, not security.

      But then, we're sane. You idiots discussing "zombies" as potentially a real threat, maybe not so much ... And no, it's not "funny". Firearms are never "funny" ... IMO, of course.

    3. laird cummings
      Thumb Up

      Re: Did nobody spot this?

      "I mean, what kind of workplace (other than a gun shop!) would allow you to display a box of LIVE FUCKING AMMUNITION around the office? "

      Minus a gun to fire them, they're more safe than your stapler. And they make dandy conversation-starter paperweights.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In the US, you could even market dog-turds

    As long as you put them on a stick and covered them in chocolate frosting!

    1. laird cummings

      Re: In the US, you could even market dog-turds

      Not quite, though you're close. Gotta deep-fry 'em, first.

      Learned that from our buddies in Scotland

  28. Sir Runcible Spoon


    To anyone not jumping on the "OMG what's that coming over the hill? Is it a zombie?" bandwagon please eff off back to the real world, you're bringing me down. Pisstards.

    1. Imsimil Berati-Lahn
      Thumb Up

      Re: Sir

      Here hear!

  29. Bernard M. Orwell


    There's a lot of hypothesising and posturing going on in this thread, let's put your theories to the test.

    Down the freebie. Play it. Warning: there is no "Save Game" and there is no "Pause Game".

    My personal survival record is 8 days and something hours.

    This is how you died....

  30. Topperfalkon


    All you need to do is borrow the HMS Astute. Kick off the possibly infected crew and run a skeleton crew. Only come back to shore when you need food supplies and/or fuel rods.

    Oh, and don't let the skipper beach it on a bloody sand bar...

  31. Anonymous Coward


    Probably entirely alone in my view, this being a testosterone fuelled male dominated forum.

    I find it deeply alarming that something designed to blow someones brains out is being marketed as a joke - the lines between fantasy and reality have become so blurred, it's damn scary.

    This only serves to fuel the american obsession with guns and violence, because quite simply, there are people out there thick enough to believe that zombies exist.

    These same deluded individuals are allowed, under American law, to purchase firearms and ammunition.

    Say what you like about the lack of freedom we have here across the pond, but the one positive we have - and I hope it stays that way - is we're not a gun-toting nation.

    I play FPS games - it's fantasy - but I just cannot advocate such relaxed attitudes toward tools that make it so easy to kill.

    It's absurdity - complete and utter madness.

    In the USA, the naked body is more offensive than a gun.

    How fucking sad.

    1. laird cummings

      Re: Disgusting...

      "In the USA, the naked body is more offensive than a gun.

      How fucking sad."


      Have you SEEN many of our bodies..?!

      As for firearms? Well you said it yourself - they're tools. Tools are not disgusting - they're just tools. Learn how to *handle* your tools, and you never need be ashamed of 'em.*


      *If you accidentally conflate this semi-intentional double entendre with the thought of naked American bodies, you're on your own - I ain't supplying the brain bleach.

    2. Mr Common Sense

      Re: Disgusting...

      Not as sad as your tabloidesque comment.

  32. zen1


    Plastic tipped hollow points have existed for awhile, however I'm rather puzzled by one irrefutable fact: the 5.56 and the 7.62 Cal rounds are primarily military rounds. Signers and followers of the Geneva Convention have all agreed NOT to use hollow tipped rounds in combat, as they were deemed inhumane. I happen to agree with that and I personally own a couple of 5.56 rifles.

    Now, I can understand small caliber (.17, .22 and pistol rounds), because I've narrowly avoided being accosted by gaggles of man eating, zombie Canada Geese. (I don't care what anybody says, they DO have teeth). But I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kamakazi squirrels and the occasional psychopathic raccoon.

    Anything over a 9mm pistol round is overkill (pardon the pun). Generally when you hit someone with a high powered FMJ rifle round, or shotgun slug, they're down. This includes zombies, based on recent movie lore.

    However, I have to give props to the Hornady marketing folks for coming up with that ploy. I haven't stopped laughing about this for at least 10 minutes.

    1. laird cummings

      Re: meh

      "...5.56 and the 7.62 Cal rounds are primarily military rounds..."


      They're also known as .223 and .308, respectively. They're VERY common civilian calibers.

      9mm is a poor choice for varmint hunting - and is generally considered only marginal when fighting people, come to think of it. Varmint hunting requires accuracy, which generally calls for a long-gun. And in many cases, varmints are exceedingly wary,* which means you need range, as well - meaning the long-gun is now a requirement. .17 and .22 are fine for small varmints, but to take larger critters, you need something with a bit of 'oomph' to it.

      *One wonders why?

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