back to article LG 47LM670T 47in passive 3D smart TV

If design is the most potent weapon in a TV manufacturer’s armoury right now, LG is wielding a pretty big shooter with its new Cinema Screen line. Offering corner to corner glass, a 10.5mm bezel and what the brand calls a ‘floating metal ribbon stand,’ these 2012 flatties are genuine head-turners. LG 47LM670T 3D Smart TV …


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  1. Ben 56

    3D File Format Support

    Does LG support the .mpo file format yet (i.e. that took by Fujifilm, Nintendo 3DS etc cameras)? Earlier 3D TVs have not (although they support 3D avi films) and this seems to be a glaring omission.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    UI Design

    "As you scroll horizontally from one screen to another, tiled boxes pop open, inviting you to explore. It’s a smart, contemporary approach to UI design".

    No, that can't be right. I've read 90% of the commentards on this site and Andrew Orlowski him-very-self declare tiled UIs to be unusuable, unworkable, jarring abortions and any product which uses them is destined to fail and take the manufacturer down with them.

    They seemed pretty convinced about this.

    See also "Fisher Price", "Duplo" and "Microsoft Bob".

    Tiles are the suck. I know because all those people are clearly always right about everything.

  3. pullenuk

    Average HD picture? I got the 42" version of this, once you tweaked the settings the picture is lovely. There are settings to help speed up the pictures during fast scenes. Putting it into game mode works well and turning tru motion off. Make sure the energy saving setting is off or min. The 3d is nice and clear, maybe comes out too.... much... but you can adjust it.

  4. Ambivalous Crowboard

    I love the product's name

    Just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it? I'm gonna get my missus to whisper "47LM670T" in my ear just to see if she can make it any sexier (but I doubt it).

  5. Andy 70

    i bought this over the samsung 8000

    lovely picture, lovely screen, 3D gimmickery - erm i mean 3D bluerays work fine. not sure how you get cross talk on passive specs? btw, cinema passive specs don't work on passive TV's

    here's what sold it to me.

    watching a film on this and watching a film on the samsung 8000 side by side.

    once i'd spotted the light pooling/banding on the samy's screen, and also leaking in from the edges plus spotlighting from the corners, i was spending my time looking for and finding imperfections. as once you'd seen them, you couldn't "unsee" them, as you knew they were there.

    on the LG, i just got sucked into the film and watched it. even when i tried to snap out of it and hunt for jaggies, wobbly motion compensation, odd light gradients or pooling, i just ended up drawn back to just watching the content.

    So, put money where mouth is, and bought one. Initially i was worried about smoothness issues replaying SD content. but those went away real quick. I think the review is a little down on what this set can produce, and sure, if you have the cash to burn, go for the higher end models, but it seems you're really getting into the realms of deminishing returns if you do.

    so far, I have nothing to complain about, and especially, the missus likes it. surely that's _the_ rubber stamp of approval. Good HD on this thing is like looking out the window.

    all in all, kinda agree with the final percentage score given in the review, (maybe i'd give it 5-9% more), its a good solid TV with a decent feature set. spend more get more, spend less get less, it's your money, you takes your chioce. there is no such thing as the perfect TV for everyone, it's always going to be a compromise. But i'm happy enough that i'm not planning to upgrade this screen now till 8KHD takes off.

    1. pullenuk

      Re: i bought this over the samsung 8000

      Cinema specs DO work on this screen and work very well.

    2. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Re: i bought this over the samsung 8000

      8K? Blimey, how long are you planning to wait?

    3. druck Silver badge

      Re: i bought this over the samsung 8000

      not sure how you get cross talk on passive specs?

      Tilt your head a couple of degrees.


    What about input lag?

    Care to test this set with video inputs from various game consoles? My experience with the LG 32LW4500 was horrid where the Wii was concerned due to the bad lag from analog inputs, although the lag is practically nonexistent with HDMI input from a PS3 and XBox 360.

  7. ect

    input lag with LG? not in my case

    I’m using LG LW550T connected with XBOX 360 and never had too much input lag. It works just right and personally I don’t understand people complaining about that much about it. I don’t have wii so can’t say exactly on that one, but as far as I know LG product is problem free. I’ve gone through a lot of LG products and haven't been disappointed yet.

  8. kellywilliams0448

    No problem at all!

    Input lag has never been a problem with my LG LM660T 3D TV. You may experience some lag when you play hardcore 3D games but you just need to turn off trumotion and lower your local dimming.

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