back to article Money men want bombproof data centre on satellite site

Australian telecommunications company PlusComms is poised to acquire a piece of global telecommunications and space history as it seeks to raise capital for the purchase of the Jamesburg Earth Station. Located in California's Carmel Valley, Jamesburg was built to assist the Apollo moon landings and until 2002 was a fully …


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  1. Filippo Silver badge

    GPS tracking for underground use? I'd be interested in how that works.

  2. dotdavid
    Black Helicopters

    "“We intend to build a tier 3.5 data centre with multicarrier fibre with diversity path and a backup multi-gigabit microwave link. The site is ideal as a backup site for government or companies and is away from the dangers of San Francisco and LA earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters,” Brand told The Register."

    Come off it, with a name as generic as "PlusCom" they're blatantly a front organisation for a Bond-style supervillain.

  3. Drefsab

    in other new TPB acquire PlusCom :)

  4. Mako

    They could use the big dish to beam the internet into space. It's high time that our neighbours at Zeta Reticulii were introduced to lolcats and what humans look like when they have no clothes on.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    “so strong that you couldn't knock it over with a five megaton nuclear blast,”

    Bit of a useless remark that - all depends upon the range. If said 5MT device is parked on the roof then there simply won't be any trace of a bunker left. Quoth Wiki on the 10-12MT Ivy Mike test "The fireball was approximately 3.25 miles (5.2 km) wide ... blast created a crater 6,240 feet (1.9 km) in diameter and 164 feet (50 m) deep where [the atoll] had once been"

    And if the 5MT device is 200km away then an eggshell will serve perfectly well for a bunker.

    Before any aspiring Evil Genius makes an offer they really need the vendor to confirm this - also whether the platoon of Marines are ordinary Lee Harvey Oswalds, terrifying Lee Emery types or a race of genetically-engineered super soldiers. Boring details I know, but on such trivia does world domination stand or fall.

  6. Bob H

    97ft satellite dish?

    If you've got good connectivity then having a 'spare' 97ft dish can be an advantage, just by making it available to various satellite companies on an standby basis you could make enough to cover the basic maintenance alone. Actually renting time on such a beast could net you a fair few pennies. Anyone with a dish of that size will attract the attention of the likes of Intelsat, NASA, etc, none of those guys want to own too many such beasts but they want to know they can borrow one (especially on the wrong side of the world) at short notice.

    I'll take the job running the place if they like, sounds like my kettle of fish. (Been there, done that, just not on that continent).

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