back to article Logitech slashes 450 jobs

PC peripherals maker Logitech is axing 450 jobs to help it slash some $80m (£51.9m) from annual overheads. The company told investors the lay-offs, part of a restructuring plan, equate to 13 per cent of the "non-direct labour workforce". The execs said the plan would result in a pre-tax charge in the current fiscal year of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the message from the execs

    We're greatly saddened that we need to say: fuck you for all hard work. Rest assured that it hurts us at least as much as it hurts you. But then, you know how it is, better you than us, eh? Good luck and fuck you again.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "non-direct labour workforce"

    What's "non-direct labour workforce", anybody not involved in actual manufacturing ?

    That must mean that the PHBs, and Beancounters are going, shirley not !

  3. Boris S.

    Whatever Logitech is doing, it's going in the wrong direction IME

    I've used Logitech keyboards and mice for over a decade and the newer the product the higher the failure rate and likelihood of a product defect. How many new - out-of-the-box products can they ship that are all defective? For years I had zero issues with all of my Logitech products however every new Logitech product that I have bought in the last two years has had issues. This is unacceptable and a serious issue that Logitech needs to resolve.

    Firing employees to "cook the financial books" is not going to fix the problems at Logitech.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @Boris S. Re: Whatever Logitech is doing, it's going in the wrong

      It's not just the high failure rates; it's also their unjustifiable boutique (high) pricing. Many people see the pricetag and don't even take the products off the shelf.

    2. CmdrX3

      Re: Whatever Logitech is doing, it's going in the wrong direction IME

      I sort of agree with you here. Their wired keyboards I generally find to be great if not somewhat overpriced. Their wireless mice are absolutely shocking, both in reliability and price. I have so far went through two G7's, three MX Revolutions, one VX Revolution, one Performance MX, and another one starting to fail. I either seem to get intermittent connectivity or the left mouse button fails, none have yet to last beyond two years. In contrast I spent £12 on a laser Trust mouse several years ago for my son and it's still going strong. If their mice were as good as their customer service and warranty replacement (truly excellent) they would be so much better. I have owned two G15 keyboards both excellent and still going strong when I sold one and drowned the other in coffee and the G510 I have is great, still overpriced though, although I didn't pay for the G510 so I can't really complain about that one.

  4. Rob Haswell

    Victim of their own success

    I've been a Logitech users since I was wee and I own a large array of their products. The problem is, with the exception of a keyboard I drowned, they're all working perfectly - even the ones with built in batteries. I don't need to buy any replacements because the number of machines I own is reasonably static.

    The comment on boutique pricing is absolutely relevant as well. They are very expensive products but then all peripherals are. I can buy a phone like a mini computer for the price of a what is essentially a handheld tracking laser. However their newer products like the DiNovo Mini, which I could find a use for, are priced out of what I'll pay for them.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't you think there is a message here?

    "I have so far went through two G7's, three MX Revolutions, one VX Revolution, one Performance MX, and another one starting to fail."

    Eight ... and you're still buying?

  6. LDS Silver badge

    Most of their keyboards/mice are no longer worth to be bought

    When recently I had to buy a new keyboard for one of my desktops I was appalled by Logitech's product line. No good wired keyboard (but maybe the game oriented ones). Keyboard layouts that change with each model and no longer following standards - I use more several different systems both at home and work and can't stand working with keyboards that shuffle keys around, especially the ins/del/home/end/pgup/pgdown block. I'm a software developer and use those keys a lot. After more than fifteen years buying Logitech models, this time I didn't. They should stop thinking about the needs only of fakebook users, and think again about the needs of "power users".

  7. Johan Bastiaansen

    Logitech Alto

    I'd give a kidney, preferably someone elses, for an Alto. But they don't make them, nor anything similar.

  8. DaeDaLuS_015

    Just my opinion...

    I'm not an ordinary user by any standards so this should be taken with that in mind.

    Logitech used to be the way to go for gaming, i used to game a lot (at a competative level, leagues etc for CS: S) but they've recently fallen off here too, the devices being made by Razor, Cyborg, Roccat, etc are superior to the newest logitech offerings. I used to be the odd one out with a Razer device in my clan but towards the end of my time with them most had switched off of logitech, mostly to Razer. Given that people like me will pay a LOT for a mouse and keyboard, i'm sure that's not helping their current situation either...

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