back to article Oracle verdict double plus good for Linux movement

The recent verdict against Oracle in its patent case against Google over Java use in Android is good news for the Linux community – and in more ways than one, according to Keith Bergelt, CEO of the Open Invention Network (OIN). The OIN was set up in 2005 to build a defensive patent-portfolio pot that could be shared royalty- …


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  1. Bob Vistakin

    But will Apple join it now Tim Cook has banished their old evil ways?

    Oink oink.

  2. g e

    I'd rather see

    Trollco's suckered in with a whiff of easy cash then thrashed soundly and very expensively in the courts to the point where they all take up a different job altogether and just fuck off. They don't produce anything, they're just a financial burden on the economy.

  3. Tom 13

    While it is good news, it isn't over until the Fat Lady sings.

    In this case I believe that would be Sonia Sotomayor. Although it might also be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  4. Carl

    What. No Andrew Orlowski?

    I seem to remember back in the pretrial period old A.O. predicting doom and gloom for Android rather than this all-too-predictable cratering of Oracle's case. Maybe Andrew in unable to type due to his hands being occupied with two great ladles with which he is even now spooning mountains of humble pie into his cakehole.

    1. mhenriday
      Big Brother

      Alas, I fear «analyses» signed A O,

      purporting to show that anthropogenic global warning is a «hippie» conspiracy, that open source is worthless, and that patents on everything and everybody are just what the sawbones ordered and damn the prior art, full speed ahead, will, like the proverbial shilling/penny of inferior quality, turn up again on the Reg, where a grasp of the subject matter is not considered a requirement for posting a blog. Of course, there does exist a certain risk that L P might get there first....


      1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        You forgot "downloading MP3s and DVDs", although I've forgotten whether AO is strongly for or strongly against. Not that it matters.

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