back to article Newcomer gets out its box, plans to sell it cheaply to all comers

Here's another hybrid flash/disk array that's using dedupe and compression to produce impressive cost/GB numbers. Tegile's Zebi product has been shipping for about a year and been bought by some 75 customers, with 80 per cent of involved in server and desktop virtualisation. It is a multi-protocol box, offering iSCSI, Fibre …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    so it's sort of like nexenta?

    is this newcomer like nexenta then with their technology? Other than the de-dupe re-write ?

  2. nuttervm
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    why not compare apples to apples?

    I understand the need to compare this vendor versus the bin names in Netapp/EMC/Hitachi as well as some of the popular up and comers like Tintri/Lefthand. However, the next time when you speak with a vendor like this, why not compare a ZFS-based storage vendor with other ZFS-based vendors such as Nexenta or Oracle/Sun?

    It sounds to me like their differentiator is based on a rewritten dedup engine... so show me some numbers on a VDI load that compares their dedup versus dedup in "stock" ZFS that Nexenta and Oracle use.

    Please assume that readers on enterprise storage arrays know a _little_ bit about the market and are looking for you to give us new/additional information above and beyond what is provided in the vendor's product brochures!

    1. Kebabbert

      Re: why not compare apples to apples?

      I think these customers are not only interested in ZFS solutions exclusively, they are looking for all sorts of storage solutions.

      Or have you heard of customers that focus only on ZFS solutions? No. It is like comparing Westmere-EX servers to other Westmere-EX servers only. Customers are interested in comparing all sorts of servers to each other, not only Westmere-EX. If another server is faster and cheaper, they are interested.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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