back to article Most of Home Office's savings scored from haggling over ICT deals

The majority of procurement cost savings in the Home Office for the third quarter of 2011-12 came from ICT, according to its permanent secretary Dame Helen Ghosh. According to a report by the Home Affairs committee, Ghosh said that the £24.2m came in particular from the purchase of hardware, software and ongoing support. The …


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  1. Dan 37

    "savings on new goods and service requirements generated through effective negotiations with suppliers."

    Buyer: Quote me for 5 USB mice please

    Seller: £5000 + VAT, £500 delivery charge

    Buyer: Bit pricey! Recession blah blah...

    Seller: Ok then £2500 for the mice and I'll throw in delivery.

    Buyer: Woohoo! I'll tell my Boss we can add £3K to our procurement savings total. Hmm... wonder if I can renegotiate that £30k blank CD deal.

    I wish I could use the joke icon, I really do.

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