1. Dominic Connor, Quant Headhunter

    Serious High End Laptop needed

    Given that Dell sold me a pile of shit then refused to refund me until serious legal threats were issued, I need a new laptop, a serious one, not quite money no object, but I will live in front of it for the next couple of years, so no skimping at all.

    It needs at least

    17 inch screen

    i7 processor

    8 gb RAM

    High brightness screen

    Decent keyboard

    Three key mousepad

    Bluetooth and N wifi

    I don't care about webcam or battery life since it won't be used on the move much, nor do I care about optical drives or backlit keyboard.

    Nice to haves:

    Can add extra/replacement HDD

    Crapware free install

    Can extend deskop display to extra monitor, NB, not just use it instead of the main LCD

    It's proving surprisingly hard to get something to fit that, ideas people ?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Serious High End Laptop needed

      Whatever happened to the dual-screen ThinkPad workstation from a couple years ago? (W701ds??) Seemed like a good idea at the time ... Might fit your needs if Lenovo is still building a similar box with a more modern hardware setup. Something to eyeball, anyway.

    2. Tim Parker

      Re: Serious High End Laptop needed

      MacBook Pro would fit that bill, apart from the three-key mousepad requirement - is that really a show-stopper ?

      They're good bits of kit - superb screens and keyboards inter alia - we use quite a few here in amongst other random stuff.

    3. Htos1

      Re: Serious High End Laptop needed

      I'm hardcore,I'd go with the military grade systems or at least a Panasonic toughbook.Multi-boot os setups are always handy.

  2. Dominic Connor, Quant Headhunter

    I wanted a Lenovo

    I have heard nothing but good things about Lenovo, but they don't do 17" screens, but yes I do remember the twin screen, sadly it seems to have gone away.

    1. Tim Parker

      Re: I wanted a Lenovo

      "I have heard nothing but good things about Lenovo, but they don't do 17" screens"

      The G-series (Essential) seems to have one (G770)


  3. Corinne


    You say you rarely need it on the move, so have you thought about having a high spec desk PC that should be able to fulfil all the requirements you state with ease, and using a more basic laptop for the few occasions you need to be out & about?

    I know, stupid non-techy solution but it works for me.....

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