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Jabra’s Clipper is a two-piece Bluetooth headset designed to be attached to clothing or a bag. Jabra Clipper The clip part houses the Bluetooth circuitry, controls, a micro USB socket for charging, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The other part is a standard set of stereo earbuds, though you’ll probably want to use your own. The …


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  1. Skrrp
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    Love this headset

    Been using it for years now, mainly because it will play audio from the Android music player.

    Ignore the price in the article, you can pick them up for about £25 online.

  2. Lee Dowling

    So it's £50 for me to not get rid of any wires at all and still have to play with headphone cables, and I have to keep the battery charged (quite a lot by the look of the battery life, especially if real-life times don't quite live up to the manufacturer's claims), and I can't clip it on a sweater without deforming it. And this gets 80% still.

    Reg, seriously - your reviews have gone MASSIVELY downhill lately. What changed? Who was put in charge? And they don't even mention things like REAL LIFE battery usage (despite it being in "hours"), much about audio quality or even why you'd bother to connect a bluetooth headset that needs a headphone in the first place.

    1. Jim 48
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      You have no imagination.

      I use a Sony MW600 to send music from my laptop to the speakers that are on the other side of the room. In fact, I was recently looking to get another one, or similar, as I could do with one for music and one for using as a phone headset and this looks like it would fit the bill.

      1. Lee Dowling

        I have to "imagine" you having two very expensive bits of kit (laptop on one side, and speakers and presumably amplifier on the other) on opposite sides of the room that you can't be bothered to run a 50p bit of loudspeaker cable to but would instead like to use a battery-powered, radio-based (and thus subject to and creator of interference on the 2.4GHz band) alternative to cross those, oh, 10 feet of space?

  3. Alan Brown Silver badge

    A pity there's no Caller Id display.

    I'll stick with my earset for the moment.

  4. Kevin Mac Uistin

    Good battery, good sound, poor build quality

    When I first got one of these 2 years ago I thought it was great. And it was. For two weeks.

    Then it broke, so I got a replacement.

    Which broke after... two weeks.

    It's not like I misused it, I mostly used it while sat at my desk in work.

    The issue is with the headphone connection, which was one of the main selling points for me.

    I reviewed it on Amazon at the time:

    At the end of the day it's a little over on Amazon at the moment, and they have a good returns policy.

    Try it for your selves, you'll like it.... Till it breaks!


  5. Zobbo

    I was going to buy one of these, but I read a lot of complaints about the poor build quality so stumped for the Samsung HS3000 instead. Nice piece of kit, good battery life. Buttons are a bit fiddly but other than that it's great. I'm on my second one, only because I dropped the first one while slightly inebriated and it got run over by a bus. Amazingly it still came on...didn't work though. I plug a pair of Shure noise isolating earbuds into them.

  6. Gordon 10 Silver badge


    Given that you have been able to get similar clips on ebay for years for peanuts and with longer battery life Im not sure what the USP is.

    Unless of course it has a specially shortened QUALITY set of earbuds. the only problem I found for the aforementioned ones on ebay was having to tie my sennheiser core up with a bag tie to shorten the cable.

  7. Ale

    Samsung HS3000 seems much better

    The samsung has apt-x codec support for much better sound quality. It also has voice prompts (it talks to you), pretty useful for a gadget with no screen. It's also much cheaper.

  8. Leon

    Mine has been though the washing machine and still works fine.

    Only complaint is trying to use it for gaming or video there is noticeable lag, though not sure this might be an issue with shoddy bluetooth receivers.

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