back to article Fusion-io stuffs workstation storage into bulging hand luggage

Fusion-io nabbed prime real estate on the GTC 2012 exhibit floor – right inside the entryway. They took advantage of it by offering a hosted oxygen bar, complete with an oxygen bartender and a wide selection of coloured/flavoured airs. I got the lowdown on their offerings (it's hospital grade oxygen – something I insist upon) …


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  1. Bluenose

    Liquid cooled??

    Do Homeland security and other airport security organisations know about this? I am amazed that anyone managed to get anything liquid cooled on a plane when you remember that you cannot even take a tube of antiseptic cream on.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Liquid cooled??

      What's even funnier is that they will happily let you take a box of incomprehensible wires, batteries, and blocks of plastic onto the plane - so long as you drain the water out of the pipes first!

    2. vbrisebo

      Re: Liquid cooled??

      Its the corsair h50 so it is sealed and has less than 4oz of liquid. As long as you don't see an obvious container they let you through... They look at you funny, do the swab thing but ultimately let you through.

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